Brenda Otto

Brenda Otto is a Program Specialist in the National Center for State Courts’ Research Division. Ms. Otto provides administrative support to Paula Hannaford-Agor, Director, Center for Jury Studies on the following projects: Increasing Citizen Participation in Jury Service, Are Hung Juries A Problem? , Evaluation of the Centers for Complex Civil Litigation Pilot Program , Jury Size , The Promise and Challenges of Jury System Technology, The Self-Help Friendly Court: Designed from the Ground Up to Work for People Without Lawyers , and Communicating with Juries: How to Draft More Understandable Jury Instructions . Ms. Otto also provides support to Richard Schauffler on the Court Statistics Project which produces the publications Examining the Work of State Courts, State Court Caseload Statistics and the Caseload Highlights series, as well as assisting with the CourTools Initiative. In addition, she provides administrative support to Denise Dancy, Project Director, Extending Project Passport.

(757) 259-1596