Kent D. Kelly

Kent D. Kelly, Program Specialist and Project Analyst, has worked as an analyst on a wide variety of court-consulting projects over the last 10 years.  He has expertise in ADR program review, court conference coordination, court security, drug court processes, court research, electronic surveys, performance measures application, records management, staff workload and workflow solutions, statistical reporting and technology assessments.  He has worked for the judiciaries of 40 states, including on-site court work in Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wyoming. 

Highlights of NCSC Projects

  • Court row office consolidation, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Court security training, Rock Springs, Wyo.
  • Criminal case management assessment, Riverside, Calif.
  • State court security training and awareness, United States Marshals Service
  • Case management system technical requirements, Pinellas County, Fla.
  • Work process analysis and system requirements, Oklahoma City, Okla.
  • Court security assessment, Douglas County, Neb.
  • Title IV-D case tracking, Md. AOC
  • Electronic document system review, Media, Pa.
  • Drug court performance measurements development, N.J. AOC
  • Court program solution analyses, Court Technology Conference (CTC) 2007 & 2009
  • Indian Child Welfare Act review, S.D. AOC
  • Court case management system solutions, Reno/Sparks Municipal Courts, Nev.
  • Rural court judges strategic planning, Huron, S.D .
  • Statewide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) assessment, N.M. AOC
  • Statewide DRAFT attorney electronic surveying, Calif. AOC
  • Statewide court security cost analyses, Md. AOC
  • Court technology needs assessment, New Orleans, La.

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