Shannon Roth

Shannon Roth is Program Specialist with the Research Division of the National Center for State Courts.  Her main research activities range from court performance and culture to workload assessment.  Some recently completed projects include the Virginia Judicial Workload Assessment, Domestic Relations Triage, Ottawa County MI High Performance Courts, and Scottsdale AZ High Performance. Her current projects include court culture in King County; the Parenting Act in Nebraska; judicial workload in Florida; indigent defense (Examining the Effectiveness of Indigent Defense Team Services: A Multisite Evaluation of Holistic Defense in Practice), and multistate domestic relations triage. She also provides technical support for the High Performance Courts Framework (, CourTools, and Appellate CourTools ( In addition, Ms. Roth creates and maintains surveys for the Research and Technology divisions and provides general administrative support for the Research Division.

(757) 259-1893