Online Course Development

In tight economic times creating online courses can address many obvious business problems such as travel restrictions, staff turnover, limited faculty availability and redundant training sessions. ICM's staff has extensive online experience and guides courts through the process of creating courses including curriculum development, faculty prep, formatting media elements and hosting courses components in a user friendly environment. Enroll in one of the free courses listed below and consider the opportunities for your court.

Different Work- A First Course in Effective Supervision
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This self-paced course is designed for new supervisors who want to learn how to become effective managers. Dan Straub takes you step-by-step through a process leading to a foundation of principles that guide you to become effective in your new management role doing "categorically different work." The course covers topics such as:

  • The Big Picture
  • The Task
  • Effective Communication
  • People Problems and Problem People
  • Building Teams and
  • Managing Performance

Each course module contains media presentations readings and selfassessment questions. This course is designed for just those people who otherwise would not get training in this business of management but yet are required to do it effectively.

Participants have access to the course materials for three months from the date of registration. Register for this course


Writing Opinions and Orders
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A free online course designed to be relevant to both trial and appellate judges, highlights the importance of writing opinions that foster public trust in and understanding of the judiciary. This course explains specific strategies for writing such opinions. In addition to a series of video lectures by retired Judge Robert Alsdorf and Professor Nancy Wanderer from the University of Maine School of Law, there is also a roundtable discussion with Judge Alsdorf, Judge Kevin Burke (Hennepin County District Court), and Judge Steve Leben (Kansas Court of Appeals) that covers a wide range of practical topics from anticipating controversy to handling the media to avoiding bias in the opinion. Register for course