Court interpreter events / workshops

Although various training programs and opportunities are included, CLAC does not endorse any particular program.

Interpreters are cautioned to question the veracity of guarantees of success on examinations as a result of any training.

2015   Conference/Course    Location
 Jul. 16 - Jul. 18   Legal Interpreting Seminar    Little Rock, AR
Mar. 28 - Mar. 29   Interpreters on Trial: Analyzing the Roles Interpreters Play in the Judicial Process   Frankfort, KY
Jan. 31- Feb. 4   Foundations of Court Interpreting   Frankfort, KY
2014 Conference/Course Location
Jan. 31- Feb. 1 Access to the Counsel: The Interpreter at the Table-- Registration Frankfort, KY
Feb. 3 - Feb. 8 Court Interpreter Training Louisville, KY
Feb. 15 - Feb. 16 Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop   Oahu, HI
Feb. 20 - Feb. 21 Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop Maui, HI
Feb. 27 - Feb. 28 Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop Kauai, HI
Mar. 5 - Mar. 6 Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop Kona, HI
Mar. 15 - Mar. 16 Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop Oahu, HI
Mar. 20 - Mar. 21 Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop Hilo, HI
July 31 - Aug. 2     Legal Interpreting Seminar         Little Rock, AR
2013 Conference/Course Location
Mar. 18-Apr. 12 Intermediate Consecutive Interpreting Online
Mar. 25-Apr. 19 Criminal & Procedural Law Terminology I (Spanish) Online
Mar. 25-Apr. 29 Intensive Interpreting Practice Online
May 17-19 National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) St. Louis, Mo.
May 28-Jun. 21 Intermediate Consecutive Interpreting Online
Jun. 14-15 Interpret America 4th North American Summit on Interpreting Washington, DC
Aug. 9-14 Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Indianapolis, Ind.
Oct. 7-Nov. 1 Intermediate Consecutive Interpreting Online
Oct. 11-13 California Federation of Interpreters (CFI) Oakland, CA
Oct. 19-20 Regional Court Interpreter Skills Development Workshop Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 6-9 American Translators Association (ATA) San Antonio, TX


Past Conferences Location
Oct. 5-7 2012 New Mexico Interpreters' Conference Albuquerque, N.M.
Nov. 30-Dec. 1 State of Kentucky Interpreting for Jury and Deaf Jurors Workshop Frankfort, Ky.