Civics Education

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is committed to educating the public about how the courts work. We've developed materials for teachers, students and the community to use to learn and to understand the importance of civics education.    


  • NCSC has released its fifth installment of Justice Case Files. The Case of the Cyberbully tells the story of Amber, who is bullied at school and online by classmate Madison. The bullying escalates to the point the case winds up in juvenile court. To view the book, please visit To order, please go to
  • Civics education resource guide provides a comprehensive list of civics education programs around that country that inform and educate the public about the court system. The resource guide information was gathered by researching state court web sites and other justice system-related organizations’ websites. If you have a civics education program that is not listed and should be, please contact Deirdre Roesch or Lorri Montgomery.