Introducing the NCSC's latest online court management tool


This tool is a work in progress, and your feedback will help us improve. Please try CourtMD, and let us know what you think!


"For decades court leaders have struggled with identifying issues and finding solutions to those problems. CourtMD provides courts the opportunity to do both by entering a set of "symptoms." This resource brings the best information of the National Center for State Courts right into the hands of court leaders when they need it most."

— David Slayton
Administrative Director
Texas Office of Court Administration


Through its user-friendly interface, CourtMD helps court managers diagnose and find solutions to their problems. The initial treatments in CourtMD address caseflow management, the heart of court administration.

By answering a series of questions about the case type of concern, and entering information on key characteristics of their courts, CourtMD points court managers to a set of solutions tailored to their court. These solutions are based on the resources and tools most likely to address key elements of caseflow management that need improvement in their courts.

Watch this introductory video to walk through the tool -- or try CourtMD now!