Guide to NCSC social media streams

NCSC is reaching out to courts, the public, and those interested in the judiciary through a variety of social-media outlets, blogs, list-servs and e-communications, all of which allow NCSC to share important, up-to-the-minute information quickly.

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Gavel to Gavel blog
Gavel to Gavel helps identify trends in legislative activity as it relates to the courts in seven broad areas: judicial selection; judicial qualifications and terms; judicial rule making authority; structural court changes; jurisdiction; salary and budget; and other areas that affect the courts.

Court Technology Bulletin
The Court Technology Bulletin provides cutting-edge information about the technology used by the court community.

The Procedural Fairness Blog discusses current issues and events through posts by founding participants, other staff from NCSC, and periodic guest bloggers drawn from the judiciary, court management, and the academy.









Managing social media

NCSC is pleased to provide a range of resources to help courts understand and manage social media.

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NCSC publishes more than a dozen newsletters via e-mail, including Connected, which follows the evolving impact of social media on the courts. Check them out, and subscribe here.

The Court2Court Forum

In December 1995, Knowledge and Information Services initiated a listserv -- a free, on-line forum -- on which subscribers can post questions and exchange information related to the operation of courts. This listserv, appropriately called "Court2Court," has over 500 subscribers, including judges, clerks, and court administrators from state and federal courts; National Center staff; university professors; and even some international constituents.

The purpose of the Court2Court Listserv is to provide a mechanism to share information about courts; it is not to be used for personal advertising for consultants or vendors. It should not be used to solicit information for any work that would be in competition with NCSC work. Court2Court is not to be used to advertise job vacancies or to announce conferences and training. The NCSC has other outlets available for these functions.

To subscribe: Send an email to with the words "join court2court" in the body. The subject line should be blank. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and further instructions from the listserv.

To send mail to the list: Address the email to

Note: Only subscribers may post to the list.

To unsubscribe: Send an e-mail to with the words "signoff court2court" in the body.