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Advancing Legal and Evidence-based Pretrial Practices

Our Advisors

  • Hon. Jonathan Lippman, CCJ
  • Hon. Eric T. Washington, CCJ
  • Ms. Laurie Dudgeon, COSCA
  • Mr. Arthur W. Pepin, COSCA
  • Hon. Elliott L. Zide, AJA
  • Mr. Raymond L. Billotte, NACM

The Pretrial Justice Center for Courts (PJCC) works closely with the Conference of Chief Justices and the Conference of State Court Administrators to implement their resolution recommending evidence-based assessment of risk in setting pretrial release conditions and the presumptive use of non-financial release conditions consistent with assessments of risk. With support from the Public Welfare Foundation, PJCC provides information and tools, offers education and technical assistance, facilitates cross-state learning and collaboration, and promotes the use of legal and evidence-based pretrial practices for courts across the country.