NCSC and CCPIO follow the impact of New Media on the courts

2017 Newsletters

October 30 Bitcoin + Ethics + A little fun
July 24 High-profile cases + New podcast, new newsletter, new app
April 24 New app on Indiana juvenile cases + Wiretap vs. social media messages
January 30 Social media discovery + #JustAdulting app

2016 Newsletters

October 25 Tweets about Hurricane Matthew + Nevada PSAs
September 26 Georgia's Twitter Town Hall + Florida's new podcast
August 29 L.A.'s traffic assistant avatar + Pros/cons of divorce papers on Facebook
July 25 Pokemon Go craze + Facebook Live + New Mexico social media warning
June 28 New Mississippi mobile access to justice app + Trends in State Courts
May 25 California jurors could face $1,500 fine for using Internet; Two states add guidance to use of social media to Codes of Judicial Conduct
April 27 Court Talk + California streaming oral arguments + Twitter Town Hall
March 28 Delaware's new mobile-friendly website + Violent emojis + Tip of the month
February 29 New Washington website + Do's & don'ts of social media + NCSC's most popular Facebook post
January 25 Florida's communications plan + Fresno's new anti-crime tool

2015 Newsletters

December 29 New Ohio court app + California Supreme Court challenge + Social media tip of the month
November 30 New Colorado Twitter accounts + Chicago lawyer's goof + N.C. sex offender social media law
October 26 LinkedIn lawsuit; New Missouri Facebook page; Drunk driving on Periscope
September 29 Lawyer's license suspended after criticizing clients online; Law360 names top Twitter lawyers
August 24 "Mindless digital interaction" + Ballot selfies + NCSC's Connected Community
July 27 Michigan court clerk comes up with ‘Uber’ offer for jurors; Federal judge suspends blog after court employees consider it ‘embarrassing’
June 29 Law clerk in trouble over Facebook comments about trooper's death; Advice: don't Google how to rob a bank
May 26 Mobile devices in, Desktop devices out; Texas judge appealing order to take social media course
April 27 Judge criticizes parents during court ruling; Wife gets the okay to file divorce papers on Facebook
March 30 Social media bill riding its way to the Texas House; Court 'unfriends' interns' social media proposal
February 25 That :) can get you into trouble in a court of law; Prisoner gets 37 years solitary confinement for 38 Facebook posts
January 28 NCSC celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta; Supreme Court joining the digital age