NCSC and CCPIO follow the impact of New Media on the courts

2015 Newsletters

February 25 That :) can get you into trouble in a court of law; Prisoner gets 37 years solitary confinement for 38 Facebook posts
January 28 NCSC celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta; Supreme Court joining the digital age

2014 Newsletters

December 22 Social media or no social media, that is the question; What do Facebook, rap lyrics, and the First Amendment have in common?
November 25 If Chinese workers post it, they could see it in the courtroom; SCOTUS gets a creative makeover
October 31 Process serving via Facebook—a court system divided; Does avoiding judicial isolation outweigh the risks related to “professional death by Facebook?"
September 30 New complimentary poster offers juror guidelines; Got Ghosts?; Judge texts juror's friend from courtroom
August 29 Fifth report released on new media's impact on judiciary; "Avoiding Tweeting Troubles, Facebook Fiascos and Internet Imbroglios"
August 1 Survey finds infrequent social media use among federal court jurors; Governments struggling to get social media right
June 30 Connecticut adds QR Code to juror summons; Social media policy resource; Innovative tools or dangerous fad?
May 30 Meet the #1 Judge on Twitter; CCPIO's fifth annual new media survey; Arizona issues ethics opinion
April 29 Service of Process via Social Media; Iowa Supreme Court Approves Amended Rules for Expanded News Media Coverage; Commonwealth v. Byron L. Banas
March 31 State Court PIO Attacked over Social Media Usage; Admissibility of Social Media Postings into Evidence
February 28 NCSC's Social Media and the Courts Network gets an update; Courts using social media to warn of scams
January 31 Florida judge removed from divorce case after sending litigant friend request; Two new jury resources from Reynolds Courts and Media Law Journal