may 2015


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Mobile devices in, desktops out

The Pew Research Center has released the State of the News Media 2015. The report indicates the following key findings:
  • The top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites coming from mobile devices than desktop computers.
  • Nearly half of web-using adults report getting news about politics and government in the past week on Facebook.
  • Podcast listening is on the rise. NPR's podcast downloads grew 41 percent.
  • The percentage listening to online radio on mobile devices continues to climb.
  • Digital ad revenue rose 18 percent, growing to $50.7B over the past year.

Texas judge appealing order to take social media course

Texas Judge Michelle Slaughter got into hot water last month. During the trial, dubbed by reporters as "The Boy in the Box," Slaughter told jurors to avoid communicating any information regarding the case—that meant no texting, email or social media or any other form of communication. But the judge didn’t take her own advice. Later that day, she posted a Facebook update about the trial:

After judges discovered her Facebook post, Slaughter was ordered take a four-hour training course on "proper and ethical use of social media." She is appealing the order, however, because she claims to be using social media to "fulfil a campaign promise to provide transparency in the courts, to educate and provide information to the public regarding their courts, and to give the public insight regarding our justice system."

Now on YouTube: Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals

If you can’t make it to the Ninth District Court of Appeals in Ohio, you can now view it on YouTube. The court streams its oral arguments and archives videos in collaboration with The Ohio Channel. To accomplish live streaming, they have set up an iPad on a stand in four appeals district courtrooms. The court uses an app to record several hours of arguments at low resolution. "The court has always been trying to think of ways to make our court more accessible to the public," Administrative Judge Donna Carr said.

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