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This edition of our newsletter includes several reports on NCSC activities honoring International Women’s Day (March 8). To commemorate women’s leadership in NCSC’s international programs, Mary McQueen recently spoke with three women leaders of NCSC programs in Bangladesh, Uganda, and Colombia. Highlights of their conversation are reflected in our lead story. Read more...
Jeffrey Apperson
Vice President, International Programs
National Center for State Courts

Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Legal Empowerment

In this edition of our newsletter, NCSC explores efforts to promote gender equality and empower women around the world, in recognition of the critical role of women in facilitating equal access to justice and securing more peaceful and prosperous communities.

Celebrating Women Leaders at NCSC
NCSC President Mary McQueen convened a conference call with representatives from NCSC programs around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day. Read More.

Bangladesh Promoting Women in Justice
USAID's Justice for All Program held a discussion on women’s participation in the justice sector at Dhaka University. Read more...

Serbia – Empowering Survivors of Gender-Based Violence
NCSC's partner organization in Serbia, Counseling Against Family Violence (CAFV), provides support and safe houses for victims across the country. Read more...

NCSC Around the World

Eastern Caribbean - Reforming Juvenile Justice Systems
The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States has turned to NCSC to assist in juvenile justice reform in six OECS Member States—Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Read More.

Dominican Republic – Exchanging Experience in Access and Transparency
NCSC visited the Dominican Republic in follow-up to a fellowship and exchange program initiated through the Department of State’s Legislative Transparency Fellows Program. Read More.

Honduras - Strengthening Citizen Security
NCSC supported local counterparts in events honoring Farmer’s Day through new and innovative approaches to justice and security in agricultural communities. Read More.

Kosovo - Promoting Ethics in the Practice of Law
A new Disciplinary Regulation of the Kosovo Bar Association establishes a more efficient and transparent disciplinary system to enforce ethics and standards of conduct among members.  Read More.

Nigeria - Automating Case Management
NCSC Experts met with the National Judicial Council of Nigeria and software vendors in Abuja to plan and coordinate activities development of court case management software. Read More.

Nigeria - Facilitating Access to Justice For All
NCSC Court Administration Advisor, Bob Wily, holds follow-up case management trainings and workshops for court beneficiaries from Lagos and Enugu. Read More.

Uganda - Promoting Conflict-Sensitive Media
Ugandan journalists received training on conflict-sensitive reporting. Read More.


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