In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we are pleased to highlight the important work being carried out on a number of our projects in relation to judicial performance measurement and evaluation. Read more...

Jeffrey Apperson
Vice President,
International Programs Division
National Center for State Courts

Counting What Counts: Measuring and Monitoring Judicial Performance 

Bangladesh: Defining Performance-Based Evaluation Criteria
NCSC partners with Bangladesh Supreme Court to define judicial performance measurement criteria. Read More...

Southeast Europe: Utilizing Case Weighting to Improve Judicial Performance
NCSC experts publish analysis of case weighting systems in the region. Read more...

NCSC Around the World

Serbia: Misdemeanor Court Open Day
Students learn about the function of misdemeanor courts. Read more…

Bahamas: Advanced Trial Advocacy Training
NCSC hosts trial advocacy skills workshop for prosecutors. Read more…

Grenada: Improving Written and Oral Judgments
Judges from Eastern Caribbean countries participate in skills-building workshop on written and oral judgments. Read more…

Costa Rica: Cybercrime and Juvenile Justice
Prosecutors receive specialized cybercrimes training. Read more…

Bangladesh: Women Judges Celebrate International Women’s Day
NCSC mobilizes women and men allies across Bangladesh to celebrate women leadership in the justice sector. Read more…

International Visitors Education Program

Afghanistan: Governance and Administration of U.S. State Courts
Lawyers learn about the functioning of the U.S. State Court system. Read more...


Tunisia: Improving Court Administration
Lawyers learn about the functioning of the U.S. State Court system. Read more...

Morocco: Evaluating Judicial Reform
NCSC awarded cooperative agreement to assist in developing judicial institutions. Read more...

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