This Week at NCSC

Case weighting system in progress in Belgrade

Mar. 14-26 | As part of NCSC’s partnership with the Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project, an NCSC researcher is developing a case weighting system to be used for assigning judges to specialized divisions in the Belgrade Misdemeanor Court in Serbia. The methodology will ensure a balance of workload among judges based on the complexity of cases.

Case management training under way in Bangladesh

Mar. 21-29 | A Court Consulting Services specialist is teaching case management and explaining how to implement the International Framework for Court Excellence in Bangladesh as part of NCSC’s project with USAID.  

Staff learning about Kentucky’s pretrial program

Mar. 23-24 | NCSC Court Consulting Services, Research and Technology staff are observing Kentucky's statewide pretrial case management system in Louisville and Frankfort to inform the work of the Joint Technology Committee Pretrial Working Group.

Support offered for firearms background checks

Mar. 23-25 | An NCSC researcher is visiting Charleston, W.Va., to review the state’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)-funded program designed to improve the submission of prohibiting records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System Index and other federal databases. 

Class exploring
best jury practices

Mar. 25-27 | The director of NCSC’s Center for Jury Studies is conducting an NCSC workshop on Fair and Effective Practices in Jury System Management in Tacoma, Wash. Participants are learning how to identify strengths and weaknesses in jury operations, as well as how to use tools and performance measures to address problems.