This Week at NCSC

NCSC coming to
UW television

Oct. 27 | NCSC’s Court Consulting Services’ court security training team is conducting court security and personal safety training programs in three Wyoming counties. The University of Wyoming (UW) is broadcasting the live sessions to towns near the three sites.

W.Va. drug courts undergoing evaluation

Oct. 27-31 | NCSC research and consulting staff are collecting interview data in six drug courts across West Virginia for their ongoing statewide drug courts evaluation.

Support offered for firearms background checks

Oct. 29-31 | An NCSC researcher is visiting Hartford, Conn., to review the state’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)-funded program designed to improve the submission of prohibiting records to the NICS Index and other federal databases.

Staff reviewing IT initiatives, data improvements

Oct. 31 | NCSC’s vice president of research and technology and the director of research services are making presentations on the revolution of court technology and improving the quality of court information at the ACAP Systems Conference in Little Rock, Ark.