This Week at NCSC

Language access leaders review milestones, look to future

May 22-25 | NCSC is hosting the Fourth Annual Conference of the Council of Language Access Coordinators (CLAC) in New Orleans, La.  Attendees will examine language-access programs’ recent history, which gave rise to the council, with special attention to lessons learned, and will explore directions for future excellence.

Research director to address World Bank about judicial performance measures

May 23 | The director of research services and the Turkish Ministry of Justice are videoconferencing with the World Bank to discuss judicial system performance measures.

Researcher to give feedback on mental health court performance measures

May 23 | An NCSC researcher is providing expertise on recently implemented performance measures used by Arizona’s mental health courts at the Mental Health Court Consortium in Phoenix, Ariz.

Consultant advises on electronic transition

May 23-25 | Court Consulting Services staff is meeting with court leaders of the First Judicial  Circuit of Hawaii in Honolulu to suggest ways an electronic environment can enhance employee productivity. 

Tweet your questions to #CommunityTHall2016 during the National Consortium Town Hall Meeting

May 24-27 | NCSC staff is attending the National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts 28th Annual Conference in Williamsburg, Va. The conference features an interactive town hall meeting, and three researchers will be participating in sessions about the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” and “Managing Implicit Bias in Juries.”