This Week at NCSC

Drug courts evaluation continues in Utah

Oct. 20-23 | NCSC researchers are conducting an evaluation of adult drug courts in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. 

ICM leader sharing experience with students

Oct. 21-22 | The director of ICM National Programs is making two presentations, Leading Leaders: Influencing from the Middle of the Organization and Succession Planning: Confidence and Competence of the Clerk of the Future, at the Idaho Institute for Court Management.

VP providing insight on court responsibilities

Oct. 22 | The vice president of the Institute for Court Management is teaching a one day seminar on the "Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts" to staff members of the State Courts Administrators Office at the Supreme Court of Florida.

CCS advising on improving public image

Oct. 23 | NCSC Court Consulting Services (CCS) staff is presenting “Strategies to Gauge and Improve the Public Perception of the Illinois Court System” at the 2014 annual meeting of the Illinois Judicial Conference in Lombard, Ill.

Ideas offered to lighten the loads of nation's juries

Oct. 23-24 | The director of the Center for Jury Studies is presenting “Reducing the Burden of Jury Service: Policies and Practices to Minimize Hardship” at the 2014 National Symposium on the American Jury Project: Assuring Fair and Impartial Juries in San Diego, Calif.

Caseflow management training under way in Ore.

Oct. 24 | NCSC Court Consulting Services consultants are conducting a caseflow management solution-oriented training session and workshop for Eugene (Oregon) Municipal Court and its prosecution, indigent defense and police partners.

Lucky guests getting copies of graphic novels

Oct. 24-25 | NCSC staff is showcasing NCSC’s Justice Case Files graphic novel series at the 49th Annual Conference of Virginia Social Studies Educators in Vienna, Va.