This Week at NCSC

ICM course takes lessons from Gettysburg

Apr. 19-21 | ICM is partnering with ICM Fellows from Alexandria, Minn., to teach a class, Gettysburg – A Court on Effective Leadership, Learning through History.The interactive course takes a close look at the lessons learned from Gettysburg and discusses the ability to learn from leadership encounters. 

JTC meeting under way in Arlington, Va.

Apr. 20-23  | Consultants are gathering for a Joint Technology Committee (JTC) meeting in Arlington, Va., to discuss NCSC’s Civil Justice Initiative, e-Courts, and CourtHack.

Spring board meeting under way at Denver

Apr. 28-29 | NCSC staff and NCSC’s Board of Directors are meeting in Denver, Colo., to discuss current and future projects. 

Consultants to discuss Iowa courthouse renovation ideas with architects

Apr. 6-8 | Court Consulting Services staff is meeting with OPN Architects, the Fifth Judicial District, and Polk County Government to finalize plans for the renovation of the Historic Polk County Courthouse in Des Moines, Iowa.  

Registration open for NCSC’s warrant management webinar

Want to learn more about warrant management? Register for our webinar, which will be held Wednesday, April 27. Stacey L. Kirk, Interagency Coordinator for the Office of State Court Administrators in Colorado, and Patrick Priel, Arizona Criminal Justice Information System Supervisor for the Scottsdale Police Department in Arizona, will discuss warrant management improvements in their states and go over NCSC’s Warrant and Disposition Toolkit.

U Drive, U Text, U Pay

The latest edition of NCSC's Judging Traffic newsletter reports on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s nationwide and law enforcement campaign, U Drive, U Text, U Pay, as a way to curb distracted driving as part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month.