Appellate Procedure

State Links


Gavel to Gavel Alaska- Most oral arguments before the Alaska Supreme Court are broadcast Sunday nights on Gavel to Gavel Alaska. The audios of many of these cases are archived and easily available. Videos may be purchased.


Arizona Supreme Court - Streaming Video Archive.  Click Oral Argument to watch the meeting with documents, or Case Summary / Opinion to see just the documents. You can also search the archives by typing keywords into the Search box.


Supreme Court of Arkansas Streaming Media Archive.  Live and archived videos are arranged by date, with the most recent at the top of the list.


California Supreme Court - Oral Arguments -  Selected archived audio and video recordings. 


Colorado Supreme Court Oral Arguments and Audio Recordings - The Colorado Judicial Branch oral arguments, audio versions of the arguments are available online. Court of Appeals Oral Arguments and Audio Recordings


The District of Columbia Court of Appeals is pleased to announce that internet access is now available to oral arguments as they occur. For information and access, click here.


Oral Arguments Audio Recordings Recordings of non-confidential cases argued in the Delaware Supreme Court since February 3, 2004 are available on this web page.


Gavel to Gavel - Gavel to Gavel in Florida broadcasts oral arguments live. Oral arguments are archived online as far back as 1997 .

Online Video - The First District Court of Appeal offers live video from the courtrrom and audio and video of oral arguments archives from January 2004 to the present.

Oral Arguments. The Fifth District Court of Appeal offers audio and video of oral arguments from September 2005 to the present.  


Oral Arguments  MP3 digital audio recordings of Hawai`i Supreme Court and Intermediate Court of Appeals oral arguments archived since March 21, 2007.


Idaho Supreme Court began live video streaming of oral arguments in August 2011.


Illinois Supreme Court oral arguments are available online in video or audio format.  Illinois Appellate Court oral arguments are also available in an audio format.


Oral Arguments Online - The Indiana Judiciary provides live and archived video in RealAudio format. There are links to court-related special events, which are also broadcast live.



Kansas Supreme Court - Live and Archived Oral Arguments.  Live audio can be accessed from the Supreme Court Courtroom during oral arguments which are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year.


Kentucky Supreme Court oral arguments online


Louisiana Supreme Court oral argument live feed.


The Supreme Judicial Court provides live streaming of its oral arguments


Maryland Court of Appeals webcast of oral arguments.


Oral Arguments.  Web casts of Supreme Judicial Court oral arguments at the John Adams Courthouse are available live while the cases are being argued.  Broadcasts will also be archived so that after each argument, web site visitors will be able to review all arguments which have already occurred.


The Michigan Supreme Court has expanded its virtual presence with online video of its oral arguments, administrative hearings, and administrative conferences. Video will be recorded at the Hall of Justice by MGTV (*see copyright information below), then posted on the State Bar’s website, where it will remain for 12 months from the date of the argument, hearing, or conference. Video of earlier hearings is available through MGTV.


Minnesota Supreme Court oral arguments are available as streaming video.  Archiving began in September 2005.


Oral Argument Webcasts - The Mississippi Supreme Court offer live video broadcasts as well as videos of argued cases.


Missouri Supreme Court has live and archived audio of oral arguments.


The Montana Supreme Court  provides live and archived audio streaming of oral arguments


Supreme Court Oral Argument Archive. Audio of oral arguments are uploaded to this Web site within 24 hours of the close of arguments for the day.  


Listen to Audio Files of Oral Arguments.   Supreme Court of Nevada 

New Hampshire

Supreme Court Webcasts -  New Hampshire offers the options of listening to audio arguments or viewing video/audio arguments both live and archived.  

New Jersey

NJ Supreme Court Webcasts - View live webcasts which are posted on the website for 30 days.  Archived arguments can be viewed at the Rutgers Newark Law School website.

New York

Court of Appeals oral argument archive.  Webcasts are available the Monday after argument.

North Dakota

North Dakota Supreme Court - The public can listen to both live and recorded oral arguments of cases before the North Dakota Supreme Court.


Supreme Court Oral Arguments Streaming Video   View the live or archived video of the Supreme Court's oral arguments.


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court procedure permits the Pennsylvania Cable Network to record proceedings for future broadcast.  The first broadcast was in September 2011.  Internal Operating Procedures of the Supreme Court.

South Dakota

Live Audio Sessions - This page lists all Webcasts currently in progress across the South Dakota Unified Judicial System.


Audio disc recordings or oral arguments after February 2007 are available for purchase.


Audio Record of Oral Arguments - The Supreme Court of Texas has begun an effort to post audio versions of oral arguments to allow ready access by the public and lawyers across the state.


Live and On-Demand Oral Arguments.  LIVE and On-Demand Oral Arguments from the Supreme Court are available. The audio is provided in Windows Media format.


Audio Arguments - The Vermont Supreme Courts offers archives of past audio arguments in using Windows Media Player. Archives date back to March 2002.


Audio recordings will be posted at the end of each week that the Supreme Court is in session.


Washington State Supreme Court. TVW, the state's public affairs network, broadcasts and archives oral arguments from 1996 to date. Videotapes are available for purchase.

West Virginia

Supreme Court of Appeals - Oral arguments are Webcast from the Supreme Court of Appeals directly from the courtroom. Proceedings are not archived and copies are not available.


Listen Online - Search by docket number, date, party name, et cetera to find archived (to September 1997) oral argument recordings from the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Court of Appeals arguments are also available.