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$10.00 per day.


Petit jurors summoned who qualify for service on the venire receive $25/day for every full day and $12.50 per half-day. Petit jurors who without inconvenience are able to return to their homes each evening shall receive such payment only for the days actually required to report to court or while serving as a member of the panel. Alaska Rules of Administration, R. 14(a) . State employees receive no fee, but are eligible to receive travel and subsistence allowances. R. 14(h) .

Those summoned from places more than 30 miles from court are reimbursed for round-trip travel from their residence at the rate allowed to state employees. If air transportation is used, the actual cost is paid in lieu of mileage. R. 14(b).

Those for whom it is impracticable to return home each evening receive the same per diem as state employees would. R. 14(c).

If a jury is convened in a remote area and food or lodging is provided by the court, the administrative director may provide for direct payment of the costs of food and lodging in lieu of payment of a subsistence allowance to jurors. R. 14(d).

Payments under this rule are made from the appropriation to the state judiciary. R. 14(f).


$12.00 per day. No fee for the first day (discretionary); $12.00 per day if impaneled. Potentially higher fee if trial exceeds 10 days and employer does not compensate. Phoenix and Tucson reimburse mileage for the first day.


$5.00 per day. $20.00 per day while actually serving (sworn).


No fee for the first day. $15.00 per day thereafter.

Napa County Superior Court reimburses jurors at the rate of 34 cents/mile one way from the juror's home to the courthouse.


No fee for first three days (employer pays); $50.00 per day thereafter. Expenses for unemployed available. Employers must pay employees for first three days while serving. Courts may offer some reimbursement for childcare expenses, or free daycare. Expenses may be covered for unemployed jurors.


No fee for first five days (employer pays); $50.00 per day thereafter. Expenses for unemployed available. 


No fee for the first day. $30.00 per day thereafter. Employer must pay regular salary for 5 days if it has 10+ employees.


$20.00 per day. No fee for the first day. Varies by county, some do pay on the first day.  $20.00 per day thereafter.


If employer pays salary or wages of person on jury duty, there is no fee paid for three days; then $30.00 per day thereafter. If individual is not employed or employer does not pay salary, fee is $15.00 per day for the first three days; then $30.00 per day thereafter.


$5.00 per day. Fees vary among counties. Specifically, state law sets fees at no less than $5.00 and no more that $50.00/day.


$30.00 per day.


$10.00 per day. Half-day rate


$4.00 per day. Fees vary among counties.

Adams County: $12.50/day, regardless of time spent, plus 25 cents/mile traveled.

Cook County: Circuit Court: $17.50/day. 

Lake County:  $5.00 per day first 2 days. $7.50 per day next 3 days.  $10.00 day for every day thereafter.  Also, $5 per day meal allowance for each day and mileage based on their home zip code.

Ogle County: $15/day plus travel allowance. 


$15.00 per day. $40.00 per day while actually serving (sworn).

Boone County: as above, plus mileage at 30 cents/ mile; parking pass available.

Morgan County Superior Court: as above, plus mileage at 34 cents/mile.

Vanderburgh County: as above, plus 28 cents/mile to and from the courthouse.

U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana: $40 attendance fee for each day the person is required to and does report for jury service, regardless of whether the person is selected. Fee waived for government employees, who receive their regular pay (although some exceptions apply). Mileage reimbursed at 40.5 cents/mile from the person's home to the Courthouse and back. No reimbursement for taxi or bus fares. Lodging and parking expenses vary depending on the division; see the "Juror Payment Information" page for details.


$10.00 per day.


$10.00 per day.


$12.50 per day.

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Kentucky: $40 attendance fee for each day of active jury service, plus mileage of $0.405/mile to and from court on those days. If fees are in excess of $599.99 for the year, jurors receive a form 1099 for income tax purposes.


$25.00 per day plus transportation.


$15/day, pay a mileage at a rate of 44¢ a mile and parking at courts where parking fees apply.


$15.00 per day. Fees vary among counties. 


No fee for the first three days; $50.00 per day thereafter. Expenses for unemployed available. Employers must pay employees for the first three days while serving.


Effective October 1, 2003, jury pay in Michigan increased to $12.50 per 1/2 day for the first day of service and $20.00 per half day for the second or subsequent days of service. The difference in the old $7.50 rate and new rates is being picked up by the state by way of increase court fees.

Eaton County: if the first service day concludes by noon, then $12.50 plus mileage. If first service day is a complete day, then $25 plus mileage. Subsequent days are $20 per half day and $40 per full day. Mileage is 25 cents/mileage, estimated by zip code.

Van Buren County: $25 for the first day and $40 thereafter; 20 cents/mile. 


$20.00 per day. Also offers reimbursement for travel expenses ($0.27 per mile) and child care ($40 a day for unlicensed daycare and $50 per day for licensed providers).


Currently, grand and petit jurors in chancery, county, circuit and special eminent domain courts paid an amount set by the board of supervisors, not less than $ 25.00 per day and not greater than $ 40.00 per day, plus authorized mileage. 

Jurors making inquisitions of idiocy, lunacy or of unsound mind and jurors on coroner’s inquest are paid $5 a day plus authorized mileage.

Jurors in justice courts paid not less than $10 a day and not more than $15 a day. 

Jurors may return fees to the county. Such fees may be earmarked for a particular purpose, including the local public library, local law enforcement, Mississippi Fire Fighters Memorial Burn Center Fund, or any other governmental agency.

After January 1, 2007, jurors who qualify for payment from the Lengthy Trial Fund (civil trials lasting more than 10 days) will be able to submit a request for payment from the Fund. Payment shall be limited to the difference between the jury fee specified and the actual amount of wages a juror earns (up to the maximum level payable) minus any amount paid by the employer. Miss. Code Ann. § 25-7-61(d).


$6.00 per day plus 7 cents/mile, but most counties pay more.


$13.00 per day. $25.00 per day while actually serving (sworn).


$35.00 per day.


Nothing for the first 2 days, then $40/day thereafter. No mileage unless the juror drives over 65 miles one way and is over 65 years old. State allows jurors to donate their pay directly to a state-approved charity fund.

New Hampshire

$20.00 per day. Half-day rate.

New Jersey

NJ fees are currently $5 for the first three days and $40 for the 4th and subsequent days. This applies only to petit jurors (consecutive days of service) and not to grand jurors (who generally serve one day a week). The increase after three days was approved in 2001. N.J.S.A. 22A:1-1.1.

State employees are excused from employment at all times the person is required to be present for jury service, and are entitled to receive from the employer their usual compensation for each day the person is present for jury service in lieu of payment for juror service as provided in P.L.1993, c. 275 (C.22A:1-1.1). 2B:20-16. (See also employment protection: 2B:20-17.)

New Mexico

$5.15 per hour, established by minimum wage law.

New York

If employer has more than ten employees, must pay at least $40.00 per day for the first three days. After three days, the court must pay $40.00 per day. If a juror is not employed or employer has less than ten employees, court must pay $40.00 per day from day one. See "Who Pays Your Juror Fee?"

North Carolina

As of August 1, 2006, jurors will receive $12 for the first day, $20/day for days two thru five, and $40/day for each day of service beyond five days. Grand jurors will receive $20/day, up from $12/day. 

North Dakota

$25 the first day and $50 for the second day and days thereafter.


$10.00 per day. Fees vary among counties. County commission shall fix the compensation not to exceed $40.00 per day. After ten days of actual service, compensation is to be one and a half times the daily rate – minimum of $15.00.

In February 2004, Franklin County (Columbus) and a few other counties raised pay to $20/day or any portion thereof.

Greene County petit jurors receive $10/day for appearing. If the person is seated and serves, then $15/day. After the tenth day of service, the rate increases to $20/day (a rare event). Grand jurors receive $15/day for each day of service.


$20 per day, plus mileage going to and returning from jury service each day (pursuant to the provisions of the State Travel Reimbursement Act), and parking reimbursement to be paid from the Court Fund. Parking so provided to jurors shall be in lieu of any reimbursement to jurors for parking fees.

The Jury Patriotism Act, effective January 1, 2004, establishes a Lengthy Trial Fund to provide full or partial wage replacement or wage supplementation to petit jurors for more than 10 days. The Lengthy Trial Fund is funded by a $10 civil case filing fee. It is used to pay full or partial wage replacement or supplementation to jurors whose employers pay less than full regular wages when the period of jury service lasts more than 10 days. The court may pay replacement or supplemental wages of up to $200/day per juror beginning on the 11th day of jury service. In addition, for any jurors who qualify for payment by serving on a jury for more than 10 days, the court may, upon finding that such service posed a significant financial hardship, even in light of payments made with respect to jury service after the 10th day, award replacement or supplemental wages of up to $50/day from the 4th-10th day of service.


Under ORS 10.061(2), juror fees payable to jurors attending a circuit court term of service receive $10/first and second day; $25/third and subsequent days. Unless otherwise provided by the terms of an employment agreement, under ORS 10.061(3), a juror must waive the juror fee if the juror’s employer pays the juror a wage or salary for the days the juror is required to attend the circuit court during the jury service term.

Under 0RS 10.065(2), mileage reimbursement will be paid 20 cents/mile for each day the juror is required to travel to attend jury service. Mileage is computed by using the shortest travel distance from the juror’s usual place of abode, in the county in which summoned, to the place the juror has been directed to appear for jury service. The statutory presumption is that one’s usual place of abode is where a person usually lives in the county in which summoned.


$9.00 per day for the first three days. $25.00 per day thereafter. 

Berks County and Lancaster County jurors receive mileage of 17 cents/mile for each day of service.

Lebanon County reimburses jurors 31 cents/mile during service.

Rhode Island

$15.00 per day.

South Carolina

$10.00 per day. Varies by county (at least one pays $12.00/day).

Charleston County: Compensates (whether chosen or not) at rate of $10/day plus 30.5 cents/mile (based on zip code). Free parking at Judicial Center.

South Dakota

$10 if reporting; $50 if selected as a sworn juror.


$10-11 per day; some offer reimbursement for travel as well. Employers are required to pay jurors throughout their entire term of service. 


State law requires no less than $40.00 after first day of duty.

U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, Galveston Division: $40/day for actual attendance at place of trial or hearing; 37.5 cents/mile based on shortest practical route to and from place of service; $123 subsistence rate for lodging may be allowed if juror lives over 50 miles from courthouse and an overnight stay in a hotel is required to attend court. Miscellaneous expenses (tolls, parking, public transportation) may also be reimbursed.

See also U.S. District Court, Juror Information. This page contains links to all divisions in the Southern District of Texas.


$18.50 for the first day. $45.00 thereafter. If juror continues receiving regular wages, then s/he is required to turn fees over to employer.


$30.00 per day maximum, no less than $15.00.


$30.00 per day.


$10.00 per day. Fees vary among counties.

West Virginia

$40.00 per day.


$8.00 half-day rate. Fees vary among counties. Wis. Stats. § 756.25 and § 20.916(8).

Waukesha County Ordinance, Art. II, Sec. 3-11(a)(b) states that juror compensation shall be in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes, and that jurors shall be reimbursed for travel expenses at the statutorily-prescribed rate.