Problem Solving Courts

Community Courts

Typically, a community court is a problem solving court that addresses quality of life or “nuisance” cases and takes a more proactive approach to public safety.

Drug/DWI Courts

Contains information about drug courts, including sanctions and incentives, research and evaluation, their effectiveness, and the perspectives of participants.

Fathering Courts

Fathering Court or Accountability Court is a problem solving court that uses alternatives to incarceration in an attempt to assist non-custodial parents with unpaid child support.

Homeless Courts

Homeless Court programs often target homeless veterans, therefore their mission emulates Veterans Courts. Homeless Courts work closely with community shelters and other housing agencies and focus on promoting access to court. Homeless Courts frequently assist participants with outstanding criminal warrants and aim to reduce recidivism for nonviolent low-level offenders.

Human Trafficking

Whether by creating problem-solving courts, diversion programs, or training initiatives, state courts are working to understand and develop programs to address the impact of human trafficking victims and defendants in the nation's state and local courts.

Mental Health Courts

Provides information resources on mental health issues as they relate to the courts, including mental health courts and hearings; mental disability law; the insanity defense; civil commitment/competency; special-needs court populations; and criminal justice, juveniles, corrections, substance abuse, and sexual offenders.

Problem-Solving Courts

Provides examples of how problem-solving courts focus on the underlying chronic behaviors of criminal defendants, including drug courts, mental health courts, homeless courts, teen courts, tobacco courts, and family courts.

Truancy Courts

Truancy courts are designed to assist in overcoming the underlying causes of truancy in a child's life by reinforcing and combining efforts from the school, courts, mental health providers, families, and the community.

Veterans Courts

Provides information on the development of treatment courts for veterans with mental health or substance abuse issues.