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This Week at NCSC

  • NCSC News Tunisia to create new caseload system

    Feb. 22-Mar. 4 | NCSC researchers are working with justice sector leaders in Tunisia to develop a weighted caseload model that will be used to determine the number of judges needed to provide efficient and effective case resolution in the country’s district and appellate courts.  

  • NCSC News Japanese judges to learn about international custody disputes in U.S.

    Feb. 23 | A Knowledge and Information Services analyst is meeting with several Japanese judges in Williamsburg, Va., to discuss how international custody disputes are handled in the United States. 

  • NCSC News Seminar helps Illinois boost jury participation

    Feb. 22-23 | The director of the Center for Jury Studies is presenting a session on techniques to improve citizen participation in the jury system to Illinois state and federal judges, court administrators, and jury managers at the Illinois Jury Representation Seminar in Chicago.