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This Week at NCSC

  • Event Delegates attend program on U.S. courts

    Aug. 18 | As part of NCSC's International Visitors Program, a delegation from the West Bank is visiting headquarters in Williamsburg, Va., for an introduction to the Center and a review of U.S. court systems and the Constitution; legal aid; ethics and education.

  • NCSC News Analysis of judicial workload continues in Va.

    Aug. 17-18 | Research staff will interview judges in Charlottesville, Va., about efficiencies and practices unique to their courts as part of the Virginia Judicial Workload Assessment project. 

  • NCSC News Group examines steps to online dispute resolution

    Aug. 14-18 | NCSC staff will take part in a Joint Technology Committee focus group about online dispute resolution (ODR) to draft a readiness “checklist” -- helping jurisdictions determine if they are ready to implement ODR -- and a second paper addressing implementation from a policy/administration perspective. The group will also begin work on an ODR Maturity Model.

  • NCSC News Consultants help evaluate pretrial/probation processes

    Aug. 14-15 | NCSC Court Consulting Services staff will be at the Summit County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas to assess how its Pretrial and Probation Program aligns with best practices.