Warren E. Burger Society

The Warren E. Burger Society was formed upon the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the National Center for State Courts in 1996 to honor individuals who have volunteered their time, talent, and support to the National Center in an exceptional manner. Membership in the Society is granted to volunteers who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to improving the administration of justice through extraordinary contributions of service or support to the National Center for State Courts. 

Society membership is commemorated by the presentation of a limited-edition print of the final portrait of the late Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, who helped found the National Center for State Courts in 1971. Each print is signed and numbered by artist Fran Di Giacomo. The portraits are a gift from Texas attorney Charles M. Noteboom, Esq., who commissioned the original portrait, which hangs in the National Center for State Courts’ headquarters in Williamsburg, Virginia. 

Members of the Warren E. Burger Society

Jan Aikman Dickson Thomas A. Gottschalk Richard de J. Osborne
R. Byron Attridge John M. Greacen Louise M. Parent
Robert N. Baldwin Maurice R. Greenberg William G. Paul
Curtis H. Barnette Joe R. Greenhill Robert S. Peck
Dorothy T. Beasley Robert L. Haig Charles H. Pelton
Robert M. Bell Howell T. Heflin * Ellen Ash Peters
Bobbe J. Bridge Jane A. Hess Thomas R. Phillips
Murray H. Bring Verne A. Hodge John H. Pickering*
John T. Broderick Jr. Linwood Holton Lyle Reid
Thomas C. Brown Jr. R. William Ide III William S. Richardson*
Kim M. Brunner James R. James* Sally M. Rider
Michael L. Buenger Eileen Kato William L. Roberts Jr.
David K. Byers Nicholas de B. Katzenbach John H. Rockwell*
Elizabeth J. Cabraser John F. Kay Jr. Kaliste J. Saloom Jr.
Sheila Calabro Judith S. Kaye Charles R. Schader
Alan Carlson Susan and Ingo Keilitz John G. Scriven
Harry L. Carrico Henry L. King Randall T. Shepard
Winslow Christian * Augustus B. Kinsolving Dale Sipes*
Michael V. Ciresi Harry O. Lawson * Larry Sipes
Hugh M. Collins Jacqueline and Robert D.G. Lewis* Chesterfield Smith*
Michael A. Cooper L. Joseph Loveland Jr. Arthur H. Snowden II
Theodore H. Curry II Edward W. Madeira Jr. Robert F. Stephens*
John J. Curtin Jr. Mark D. Martin George A. Stinson*
Jude Del Preore Charles W. Matthews Jr. Ronald J. Stupak
Paul J. DeMuniz Robert B. McCaw Stephen D. Susman
Kenneth T. Derr Edward B. McConnell Sandra Ann Thompson
Sue K. Dosal Arthur A. McGiverin Gerald W. VandeWalle
Richard W. Duesenberg Vincent L. McKusick E. Norman Veasey
Haliburton Fales II Mary Campbell McQueen William C. Vickrey
Theodore J. Fetter Daniel J. Meador Sylvia H. Walbolt
Timothy E. Flanigan E.L. Milonas Roger K. Warren
Edith Foster W.B. Mitchell* W. Wayne Withers
George S. Frazza Thomas J. Moyer* Robert A. Zastany
William H. Gates III Gayle A. Nachtigal Guy A. Zoghby*
Vernon M. Geddy Jr. * William H. Neukom
Ronald M. George Charles M. Noteboom
James D. Gingerich D. Dudley Oldham
Richard C. Godfrey Dwight D. Opperman*
Elizabeth H. Goodner Betty W. Osborne