Welcome to the National Center for State Courts 2015 Election Night coverage

Last updated 11/4/15 at 8:50am Eastern

Court of Last Resort Elections


State Court Polls Close (Eastern) Candidate Results Source
(22 of 22 Counties Reporting)
Supreme (7th District) 6 p.m./7 p.m.* Janet Stumbo 48.14% Source
Sam Wright 51.86%

*state split between Eastern and Central time zones


State Court Polls Close (Eastern) Candidate Party Results Source
(99.04% of Districts Reporting)
Supreme 8 p.m David N. Wecht Democratic 18.37% Source
Kevin M. Dougherty Democratic 18.52%
Christine Donohue Democratic 18.17%
Judith Olson Republican 15.20%
Michael A. George Republican 13.63%
Anne Covey Republican 13.62%
Paul P. Panepinto Independent Judicial Alliance 2.47%

*top 3 candidates win

Constitutional Amendments


State Ballot Item Provisions Polls Close (Eastern) Results Source
(96% of Precincts Reporting)
Initiative 42 Requires the state to provide for an "adequate and efficient system of free public schools".
Explicitly permits Chancery Courts to enforce.
8 p.m. 59%
Alternative 42 Requires an "efficient system of free public schools". Makes no mention of Chancery Courts.

*Voters will cast two votes. The first is whether they want "either measure" or "neither measure". The second will be on the measures themselves.
If a majority chooses "either measure" the measure from the second question with the most votes wins.