Judging Traffic

2017 Newsletters

June 21 Chicago State's Attorney's Office to Stop Prosecuting Certain Traffic Offenses Due to Overwhelming Caseloads
May 17 Texas Legislature Considers "Second Chance" Law; Learning About Police Interaction in Driver's Education
April 19 Utah Lowers BAC Limit to 0.05; Traffic Resource Center Redesign; State v. Worsham: Event Data Recorders and the Fourth Amendment
February 15 Worth a Listen: Making the case & Marijuana Testing; Statistics - DUI's and Super Bowl Sunday
January 18 Ohio Supreme Court says Testimony of Experienced Police Officer Sufficient to Prove Drugged Driving Impairment; Medical Marijuana Patients Given Some DUI Protections
January 1 Mar

2016 Newsletters

December 21 Best of 2016 December Newsletter
November 16 Marijuana Wins Big on Election Day; WV Supreme Court Looks at DUIs Occurring on Private Property
October 19 Rhode Island Seeks to Clarify what Cell Phone use is Permitted while Driving; MN Supreme Court Kills Warrantless Blood AND Urine Tests
September 21 Woman's "I Don't Have my Glasses" Defense Fails in Pa Court; Ca. Bill Seeks to Push Courts to Handle Traffic Amnesty Cases Faster
June 22 Ga's Supreme Court rules on Police Traffic Arrest Jurisdiction; Iowa Supreme Court Considers $75 Traffic Ticket Case
May 18 Ongoing Issues with THC Testing; Update: Minnesota v. Bernard at SCOTUS
April 20 Minnesota v. Bernard at SCOTUS; "U Drive, U Text, U Pay"; NY Pushes "Textalyser" as the Breathtest for Texting Drivers
March 16 Biological challenges with testing drugged drivers; Wisc. Report finds Non-compliance with Ignition Interlock Orders
February 17 SCOTUS to Revisit Warrantless Tests; Colorado and Drugged Driving: The story, so far
January 20 New DWI Defense? Auto-Brewery Syndrome; Law Review: Does Fla. Need a Statutory DUI Pretrial Diversion Program?