Jur-E Bulletin

2015 Newsletters

August 21 Full Informed Jury Association Sues; Unclaimed Checks; Jury Poll Uncovers Juror Dissent
August 14 Op-Ed Piece on Batson Challenges; Waiving the Protections Afforded by Jury Trials
August 7 Judges Serving on Juries; Juror Blames Judge for Mistrial; Juror Rehabilitation Case
July 31 Jury Management Group; U.S. v. Pickering; Law Review Volume Dedicated to Jury Issues
July 24 Can Jurors Use Their Sense of Touch?; Newsweek Gets Barred from James Holmes Trial
July 10 Maryland Judiciary Warns of New Jury Duty Scam; New Rules in PA Regarding Jurors' Use of Electronic Devices
June 26 The Internet and the American Jury System; Multi Lingual Jurors
June 19 North Carolina Juror Goes to Jail; Juror Fined $4,000; State v. Amick
June 12 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; A Hobson's Choice?; Flirtatious Juror
June 5 Eban Stillwell v. State of Texas; Juror Utilization Improves In Federal District Courts
May 29 Foster v. Humphrey; Alaska Expands Online Juror Questionnaire Program; Holdout Juror Explains His Reasoning
May 15 Jury Scam Toolkit and Poster; FTA Rates in CA; From Juror to Witness in a Single Trial
May 8 Jury Bias, Source Lists and Diversity; High-Lows Agreements; Prospective Juror Arrested
May 1 Deaf Jurors Serve; Discrimination against Indigent Jurors; Premeptory Challenges Based on Sexual Orientation
April 17 Illinois Governor Wants to Repeal Juror Pay Increase; Online Juror Questionnaires in Alaska; National Standard for Jury Service
April 10 A Jury Taint Opinion; A Special Circumstance When Jury Sentencing or A Special Jury Finding May Be Constitutionally Required
April 3 Battle over Juror Pay Donations Ends; Is the Federal Summary Judgment Standard too Liberal?; Juror Issues in the Aurora Theater Shooting Trial
March 27 "No Justice without You"; Detroit's Last Chance Program; Written Promises/Affidavit from Jurors
March 20 Bibb County (GA) Announces New Juror Policy; Texas Probable Cause Jury Legislation; Ohio Jury Management Association Conference
March 13 Demographic Fairness in Capital Cases; Juror Lunches During Deliberations
March 6 The Court’s Obligation When a Juror is AWOL during Deliberations; Never Done with Public Service…
February 27 Hardship Excusals Impact Kansas Trial; State of Connecticut v. Jeffery Gould; Illinois Change in Civil Jury Size
February 20 Openly Gay Juror Refuses to Perform Jury Service; Article Highlights Voir Dire of One Prospective Juror for the James Holmes Trial
February 13 Utah House Bill 154; The Hot Box Method of Jury Selection; Grand Juror Doe v. Robert P. McCulloch
February 6 People v. Wesley Jones; Maine Bill to Increase Juror Compensation; Juror Visits Horse
January 30 Mississippi House Bill 1234; Looking for a Few Volunteers; Media Access to Juror Names and Addresses Following a Verdict
January 16 Managing Juror Requests to Be Excused for Hardship: An Interactive Exercise; New Jersey Bench Book on Jury Selection
January 2 New Jersey: Post Verdict Communications between Trial Judges and Jurors; Emotion in Death Penalty Sentencing