Jur-E Bulletin

2014 Newsletters

December 19 Amended Standardized Jury Instructions in Florida Concerning the Use of Electronic Devices by Jurors; Blog Posting Regarding the Value of Trial Consultants in Jury Selection
December 12 Fair and Effective Jury Practices in Jury System Management; Warger v. Shauers; Illinois Juror Pay Bill Sent to Governor For Signature
December 5 Modern Grand Juries: Still a Sword and a Shield; The Jury System in Cabell County, WV is Struggling
November 21 Bills to Eliminate Key Man Grand Jury System in Texas; Tulsa County (OK) Jurors Evacuated
November 14 Use of Juror Questionnaire When Anonymous Jury Empanelled; Juror Reactions to Third Party Litigation Financing
November 7 Jury Duty in America Today; Juror Notices Defendant is a Candidate for Prosecutor
October 24 2014 Jury Symposium; Is the Right to Trial by Jury Adequately Protected for Civil Cases?
October 17 Juror Arrested; Juror Heckled While Sequestered; Another Internet Entanglement
October 10 Spanish Language Version of Poster; Florida Supreme Court Contemplates Juror Contempt Issue
October 3 Challenge to Juror Dismissals based on in Chambers Review of Questionnaires; Ruben Rivera-Moreno v. Government of the Virgin Islands
September 19 Texas’ Key Man Grand Jury System Examined; Juror Pay Donation List Questioned
September 12 An Interesting Judicial Response to Jury Texting; Prospective Grand Juror in DC Sues Claiming ADA Violation
September 5 Colorado Supreme Court Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee publishes updated edition; Juror Case Payment Kiosk Presentation
August 29 Eyewitness Testimony; Agenda for Jury Symposium; Lawyer Gone Wild
August 22 Poster: Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media; MA Supreme Judicial Court Announces Committee to Examine Juror Voir Dire
August 15 “The Belvin Perry Surprise Package”; Marion County Courts to Implement IVR System; Nevada’s Chief Justice Mark Gibbons Services
August 8 Documentary Chronicles a Notorious Trial; Jurors and Social Media Video; Comparative Jury Practices Article
August 1 Poster: Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media; Test Jury
July 25 2014 National Symposium on the American Jury Project: Assuring Fair and Impartial Juries
July 18 Citizen Presentments to Grand Juries; Munsterman Nominations Under Way
July 11 Trends in State Courts 2014; Juror Employment Termination Civil Action; Attorney Generals from Five Nations Meet
June 27 A baker's dozen doesn't require reversal; Dallas judges seek funding to handle Scofflaw jurors; Jury System comments by CJ Rabner
June 20 Proposed National Standard for Jury Management System Requirements; Dissuading Jurors from Inappropriate Use of the Internet/Social Media
June 13 Nominations Open for Munsterman Award; Waiver Requirements for a Felony Bench Trial
June 6 Top 10 Verdicts in Arizona in 2013; Evaluation of the Japanese Jury System; Florida Juror Scheduled for Contempt Hearing