Jur-E Bulletin

2016 Newsletters

February 12 Spanish Language Jury Instructions; Juror Information Used in Judicial Campaign
February 5 Commonwealth v. Penn; Massachusetts Eyewitness ID Instruction
January 29 Social Media Jury Instructions Report; NJ’s Eyewitness Identification Jury Instructions
January 22 Busted: Indictments in Massive Jury Service Scam Issued; Former Juror May Be Charged with Perjury
January 15 Judith S. Kaye Remembrance; People v. Fernandez; Juror Stress Article
January 8 Grayson County Goes High Tech; A Fresh Look at Jurors Questioning Witnesses

2015 Newsletters

December 18 Removing a Holdout Juror During Deliberations; Failure to Instruct a Reconstituted Jury to Begin Deliberations Anew
December 11 CCE Releases Jury Service Revisited: Upgrades for the 21st Century; Change of Venue Case Challenges Standard Practice
November 20 Limitation on Voir Dire Upheld; Letter to the Editor: Jury Service Scam; Pandering to the Jury
November 13 The Equality Act; Judge France Gull Presented with the 2015 Munsterman Award
November 6 Foster v. Chatman; Arguing the Case During Voir Dire; Juror Fined $1000
October 30 Porter v. State; Juror Released from Service Following Arrest; Foster v. Chatman
October 23 Whistleblower Instructions; Verification of Juror Identities
October 16 Judge Frances Gull Named 2015 Munsterman Award Winner; Law Review Article Compares Criminal Trial Systems
October 9 The American Jury after a Half-Century
October 2 Facebook's "Friend" Status Issue; Podcast: The Downside of Civil Juries; It is a Bad Day for a Defendant When