Jur-E Bulletin

2017 Newsletters

May 26 Ongoing Battle Regarding Jury Nullification Communication near Denver Courthouse; Jurors Provide Advice
May 12 Federal Courts Using Technology to Improve the Juror Experience; Help: Practical Experience with Juror Sequestration
May 5 US Courts Celebrate Juror Appreciation Week; Brief Survey; Poor Time Estimation Forces Mistrial
April 21 ess Release: New website offers resources for high-profile trials; Explaining Juror Sequestration
April 14 Juror Utilization Article; Permanent Exemptions for People with Qualifying Disabilities
April 7 Informed Delivery; Mutiny During Jury Service; You the Jury
March 31 Juror’s Remorse?; Experts in Deliberations; Big Data for Jury Selection
March 24 Negative Article about Treatment of LEP Jurors in Queens, NY; Juror Texting; Bills to Protect LGBTQ Jurors
March 17 Resolving Juror Confusion; Study Demonstrates Shrinking Pool of Qualified Jurors for Death Penalty Cases
March 10 Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado; TED-ED Original on Juries; Gorsuch’s Plan to Revive Civil Jury Trials
March 3 Canadian Juror Mark Farrant; Virginia Jurors Could Be Compensated with Prepaid Credit Cards
February 24 Jury Tampering Incident in Great Britain; Plain Language Jury Instruction Study
February 10 MA Changes Gender Identification on Juror Form; Norfolk, VA Follow-Up Program
February 10 Media Motion for Juror Information in Cliven Bundy Case; Ohio Jury Services Conference 2017
February 3 Jury Related Opinion by Circuit Judge Neil M. Gorsuch; Last Chance Jury Service Process
January 27 Philadelphia’s Juror Participation Committee; Jury Matters; Indiana’s Proposed Jury Study
January 20 Big Week for Jury Scam News; Jefferson County TX will use I-Jury; Anonymous Jury for the Second Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation Trial
January 13 Article on Juror Questions + Scottish Juror Jailed over a Joke + Jury System Management in the 21st Century
January 6 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Doss; Jury Consultants Need Not Apply; Virtual Reality for Jurors