Workload assessment

NCSC researchers study staffing needs in two states
for prosecutors and public defenders

NCSC researchers recently completed two empirically based workload assessments, one in Virginia and one in North Carolina:

  • The Virginia study provided the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission with an assessment of how many public defenders and support staff are needed to provide effective assistance of counsel for indigent criminal defendants.
  • In North Carolina, NCSC staff worked with the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts and the Conference of District Attorneys to assess how many assistant district attorneys and victim witness legal assistants are needed to effectively prosecute criminal offenses. Report available upon request.

The results of both studies will assist the states in:

  • providing empirical support for budget requests to the legislature
  • assessing resource equity among offices across the state
  • managing the distribution of resources across various case types and functions within individual offices

The National Center has conducted similar workload assessment studies for judges and court staff in nearly 30 states.

The NCSC is the leader in workload assessment for courts and their justice system partners. The sophisticated, multimethod approach to translating caseload in to workload is a highly participatory process allowing for incorporation of quality of justice and effective practices. 

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Analysis of Child Support Enforcement Activities Eligible for Federal IV-D Reimbursement for the Administrative Office of the Massachusetts Trial Court, 2011

Workload Assessment of the Renton, Washington Municipal Court (SJI Grant), 2011


Workload Assessment for Juvenile Probation Officers for the Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts, 2010

Workload Assessment and Needs Assessment Study of Justice Courts Clerk Staff, Maricopa County, Arizona, 2010

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Assessment of Judicial Workload for the Michigan State Court Administrative Office (SJI Grant), 2010

Judicial Needs Assessment Study for the Minnesota State Court Administrator’s Office, 2010

Workload Assessment Study for Assistant District Attorneys and Victim/Witness Legal Assistants for the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, 2010

Staffing Study for the Juvenile Court for the North Dakota Office of the State Court

Administrator, 2010

Workload Assessment for Judges and Staff for Oregon Court of Appeals (SJI Grant), 2010


Court Clerk and Court Specialist Manpower Needs Assessment Study for the Alabama Circuit Courts, 2009

Develop Workload and Case Assignment Model for the Judges in the Arizona Superior Court in Yuma County, 2009

Probation Officer Updated Workload Values Study for the Colorado Judicial Branch, 2009

Advise and Assist the Colorado Judicial Department with a District Court Weighted Workload Study for District Court Judges, Magistrates, and Family Court Facilitators, 2009

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Ontario, Canada, Ministry of Attorney General, Justice of Peace Workload Assessment, 2008

Workload Assessment for the Judges and Clerks for the Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts, 2008

Workload and Case Management Study for the Superior Court of Pinal County, Arizona, 2008

Update and Review of Maryland’s District and Circuit Court Judicial Standards and Development of Circuit Court Master Standards, 2008

Workload Study for Law Guardian Program for the Office of Court Administration, New York State Unified Court System, Phase 2:  Delphi Survey of Attorneys, 2008

Magistrate’s Workload Study for the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia, 2008


Court Services Officers Weighted Workload Study for the South Dakota Unified Judicial System, 2007


Massachusetts Probation Clerical Workload Study, 2005


Arizona Adult/Juvenile Probation and Detention Personnel Study, 2004