Best of the Best Civil Justice Resources
  • Reinvigorating Pleadings (2010) 
    Rebecca Love Kourlis, Jordan Singer, and Natalie Kowlton
    This Denver University Law Review article proposes and explores a fact-based pleading system to improve civil justice access.

Articles resulting from the supplemental study of civil appeals are as follows:

  • Medical Malpractice Litigation in State Courts (2011) 
    Cynthia Lee and Robert LaFountain
    This Caseload Highlights article presents information on the scope, results, and defining characteristics of medical malpractice litigation in the state courts.
  • Medical Malpractice on Appeal (2009) 
    Cynthia Lee and Nicole Waters
    Researchers explore the dynamics of appellate medical malpractice litigation, with particular attention paid to the factors influencing a decision to appeal, what the issues are on appeal, and how medical malpractice appeals are resolved.