7. Written practice exams

7.1 Introduction to the Practice Test for the FCICE Written Examination

The Practice Test that is available in downloadable PDF format and provided in this section is based on the same test specifications as the FCICE Written Examination.   This Practice Test was field tested on September 15, 2001, along with other forms of the test, which are now designated as operational forms.  The Practice Test is similar in difficulty, although not exactly identical, to the operational forms.  The operational forms – the ones that are used in actual examinations – are reviewed on a regular basis for statistical properties, and for any changes in language, culture or the law that could affect their validity and reliability.  The Practice Test is not reviewed, and has not been updated since 2001.

In order to determine your readiness for the FCICE Written Exam, we suggest that you print or copy this Practice Test and then take it under timed conditions.  Allow yourself 2.5 hours to take the test10. Since you may not use a dictionary or other reference materials while taking the official FCICE Written Examination, do not use a dictionary or other reference materials while taking the Practice Test. 

On each page where questions appear, circle the one answer that you believe to be the correct answer to each question.  After finishing the test, compare your responses with the official key. 

In order to score the Practice Test, compare your circled response with the official key.  Next to each item, place a C if you answered the item correctly and an X if you answered it incorrectly.  Then, count the number of questions with a C in Section 1 and then the number in Section 2.  If you answered 75 percent correct in each section, you passed the Practice Test.  A score of 75 percent is equivalent to 60 correct answers in each section. 

After scoring the test, go back and examine each question with an X next to it.  Analyze the question.  Ask yourself, what does this question test?  Each item tests some aspect of grammar, type of vocabulary, reading comprehension skill, or ability to render meaning appropriately from one language to another.  Write down what is being tested on the test booklet and on a separate sheet of paper.  Be as specific as possible, so that you can utilize that information to identify and study similar material in preparation for the official examination.  Continue likewise for all questions with an X.  Examine the list of skills tested by questions that you did not answer correctly.  Then, study material similar to this until you are confident that you can handle similar questions in the future. 

Later on, copy or print another copy of the Practice Test and repeat the process.  When you are satisfied that you are ready to take the official test, register for the exam online or by mail during the registration period.

Disclaimer:  While each form of the FCICE is developed from the same test specifications, you are unlikely to receive the same score on an official form as you received on the Practice Test.  However, your score on an official test probably will not vary by more than 12 percent from the score you received on the Practice Test the first time you took it under the exact simulated conditions, unless your readiness to take the Written Examination has improved significantly.

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Written practice exam answer key

10 Until 2008, the time limit for completing the test was two and a half hours and the test consisted of 160 items, 80 in English and 80 in Spanish.  Currently, there are 200 test items and the time allotted for the operational exam is three and a quarter hours.