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April 2018 

Florida's Domestic Violence Judicial Education Programs
Kathleen Tailer, Senior Attorney II, Florida Office of the State Courts Administrator

The domestic violence unit within the Office of the State Courts Administrator in Florida has created innovative education and training solutions to ensure high-level performance by Florida’s judiciary. These solutions include online videos, benchbooks, and regional training programs.


March 2018 

Examining Delay: Its Causes, Consequences, and Possible Solutions in the Colorado Court of Appeals
Nicole L. Waters, Principal Court Research Consultant 
Shauna M. Strickland, Project Management Administrator

State appellate courts need to resolve cases in an impartial and timely manner. This article examines case-processing times in the Colorado Court of Appeals and what steps the court took to decrease case-processing times.


February 2018 

Supporting Judicial Excellence
Jennifer K. Elek, Senior Court Research Associate, National Center for State Courts

How can states better support judicial professional development? A new study explores this question.



January 2018 

High Performance Court Leadership
Janet G. Cornell, Court Consultant, Retired Court Administrator

How can court leaders achieve high performance? This article links the principles of High Performance Courts with concepts in the book High Performance Habits and concludes with high performance practices for court administrators.  


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