2017 Warren E. Burger Award for Excellence in Court Administration Recipient

Burger Award Information

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David Boyd

David K. Boyd, recently retired State Court Administrator for the Iowa Judicial Branch, has been named recipient of the National Center for State Courts’ (NCSC) 2017 Warren E. Burger Award. The Burger Award recognizes an individual, other than a sitting judge, whose work has significantly contributed to improving the administration of the state courts. This award honors a person who demonstrates professional expertise, leadership, integrity, creativity, innovativeness, and sound judgment. 

Boyd exemplifies each of these qualities, said Iowa Chief Justice Mark Cady. “For the last 40 years, David has served the Iowa Judicial Branch with honor, integrity, creativity, and passion,” he said in a nomination letter. Boyd was named Iowa’s State Court Administrator in 2003, after serving 19 years as Deputy State Court Administrator. Prior to that, Boyd was District Court Administrator for the Third Judicial District of Iowa. He served as president of the Conference of State Court Administrators and vice-chair of NCSC’s Board of Directors in 2014 - 2015.

Boyd is being presented the award during a ceremony in August at the annual meeting of the Conference of Chief Justice and the Conference of State Court Administrators.