Case Participant Manager


Case Manager is an essential, top-tier component of a court case information management system. Along with other top-tier components (participant manager, financial manager, calendar manager, and document manager) it forms the bedrock for a fully-functional, componentized CMS.

Within the CMS, Case Manager’s primary function is to support the lodgment, maintenance, management, and reporting of data that constitute a court case record. Since Case Manager relies on other components for certain case information (e.g. e-filings, participants, schedules, evidence, documents, and other resources) it also serves as the “traffic cop” to handle interactions among components that get data from or supply data to court cases.

In most circumstances, Case Manager will be the main component for recording and consuming information about the facts and activities of a case. Work performed by other components will be lodged in or accessible from Case Manager as needed to support efficient administration, management, and resolution of cases.

What it Includes

Case Manager will handle general and limited jurisdiction cases of all types. Differences in process and procedure is accommodated through configuration within Case Manager and other components (e.g. workflow, business rules). It is expected that Case Manager includes...

What it Does not Includes

In the Next-Gen Court Component Model, Case Manager is not tasked with handling or storing every process, transaction, or data element that affects a case. For instance, while Case Manager will contain a complete Register of Actions for each case, multiple other components may create or update ROA entries if specified by Case Manager interfaces. Likewise, Case Manager may assign case-specific roles to participants even though the participant details and history are maintained by the Participant Manager component. In general, Case Manager is not intended to...

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