Litigant Portal


The Self Represented Litigant (SRL) Portal is an electronic service (typically a web page) that provides a framework for SRL users to navigate the processes from issue identification to filing and case tracking through disposition and points in between.

This module describes the capabilities of the portal and provides basic navigation to the desired external module or between modules.

What it Includes

Self-Represented Litigant Portal includes:

  • Description and Navigation Module
    • Overall framework for access to on-line services
    • Ability to refer SRL to other services and pass along key SRL data as needed
    • Ability to track outcomes to/from other services
  • Help potential litigants identify typical legal problems that they might have.
  • Help potential litigants identify related legal problems.
  • Help potential litigants determine what outcomes they want.
  • Help potential litigants decide how best to resolve their legal problems.
  • Help litigants decide if they need full legal representation.
  • Help potential litigants decide what kind of legal assistance they need.
  • Help potential litigants find the kind of legal assistance they want.
  • Help litigants navigate the legal process.
  • Help litigants make key decisions about their legal cases.
  • Help litigants execute desired legal action
  • Registration and Login Module
    • Allows anonymous access to most services
    • Captures SRL registration information to establish a unique ID to be used in referrals to external service providers
  • Links to Solutions Module
    • Ability to refer SRL to solution providers that match SRL need
    • Ability to represent up probabilistic outcomes and other statistics associated with each referring service

What it Does not Include

Does not include features and requirements that are contained in other components such as:

  • Assistance Module – Determine whether litigant likely requires formal representation
  • Capacity Assessment Module – Assess capacity of litigant to use on-line services in lieu of representation.
  • Probabilistic Outcome Module – Provides descriptions of the most likely or common alternatives and actions in a particular type of case including probabilistic and/or statistical information on likely outcomes of each alternative based on court data.
  • Problem Identification Module - Prompts the user to describe their problem in a way that will enable the portal to determine if it is a legal problem
  • Identity and authorization management
  • Solution Modules – On-line referrals to providers of value add solutions to help the SRL through the process. Examples of solution modules include: document assembly, electronic filing, access to case information and on-line dispute resolution to name a few.

Applicable Standards and Documents

Building a Litigant Portal