Public Access


The Public Access Component is an electronic service (typically a web page) that provides qualified, DIY-based electronic access to Court case information (e.g., participants, dockets, documents, calendar, financials) consistent with Court Rules.

The information shared and displayed may vary based on context (at Courthouse or remote), user type (e.g., party to the case, justice partner, member of the public) and a user’s claim (e.g., litigant, attorney) to the case.

What it Includes

Court Portal includes:

  • Access to case index data (case identifier, case title/caption, initial filing date, filing location, case parties)
  • Access to case detail information (past and future hearings, register of action, counts, sentencing)
  • Access to Case documents
  • Ability to search by case identifier, case title/caption, parties, court location, and date
  • Terms and conditions of use

A Court Portal may include:

  • Ability to Identify a user’s context (e.g., at the court, remote)
  • Ability to identify a user’s type (e.g., member of the public, justice partner, party to the case)
  • Ability to identify a user’s claim to a case (e.g., litigant, attorney of record, role at justice partner)
  • Authentication and authorization for privileged access use cases
  • Payment capabilities (aka a pay wall) to obtain compensation for the searches services provided and for document purchases.

What it Does not Include

Does not include features and requirements that are contained in other components such as:

  • General court information that would be found on the Court web-site
  • Transactional activities associated with electronic filing and service
  • Transactional activities associated with payment of fines and fees
  • Document assembly
  • Bulk data access
  • Court statistics and reporting
  • Document redaction

Applicable Standards and Documents

  • Standards
  • Best practices
  • Reference documents