F. Dale Kasparek

F. Dale Kasparek, Jr., is a Principal Court Management Consultant in the Research and Technology Services Division of the National Center for State Courts. Dale started his career as a criminal justice planner working with numerous agencies and officials in state and local government. He has served as a court administrator and other in court management capacities in metropolitan and rural courts in Ohio, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Dale served as a law firm administrator prior to joining NCSC in 1999.

Dale's experience has included all aspects of human resource management; court financial management; strategic planning; facility management, design, courthouse build and remodeling project management; case management; technology planning and implementation, and has experience in the court management core competencies generally. Dale’s return to Technology in NCSC enables him to pursue an aspect of court management that he favors, assisting court leaders in the applying technology to solve problems that courts face in the day to day operations, information exchange, and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of courts and the justice community.

Dale has served on numerous state and national committees. Additionally, he is a member of the National Association for Court Management, former member of the NACM Board of Directors, member of the Association of Canadian Court Administrators, and a past president of the Ohio Association for Court Administration. Dale currently assists the NACM Board of Directors in planning educational programming for their mid-year and annual conferences.

Dale previously held the position of Director of National Programs for the educational division of NCSC, the Institute for Court Management (ICM). He has served as faculty for ICM, the National Judicial College, the Ohio Judicial College, the New Jersey Staff College. He has taught court management and criminology at colleges and universities in Pennsylvania and Ohio. He has trained and consulted with state and local governments and with international court officials in the states and in other countries. He has contributed to court-related publications such as The Court Manager, the Ohio Judges Manual and served as editor of NCSC's Court Technology Bulletin.

Mr. Kasparek holds a B.A. in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Masters Degree in Public Administration and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Court Management.

(757) 259-1547