Fred Cheesman

Fred L. Cheesman, II, Ph.D., is a Principal Court Research Consultant with the National Center for State Courts specializing in juvenile justice, sentencing, and problem-solving courts.  Since joining NCSC in 1997, major areas of project work include:

  • Evaluations of juvenile blended sentencing in Minnesota, Ohio, and Vermont;
  • Evaluations of three community courts (Midtown Manhattan, Philadelphia, and Red Hook Community Court);
  • Evaluation of risk assessment instrument for low-level offenders in Virginia;
  • Analysis for case-processing times for courts of  last resort;
  • Developing caseload forecasts for more than a dozen facilities design projects;
  • Performance measures for drug courts (juvenile and adult);  
  • Evaluation of the DC District Court’s Juvenile Social Services Unit; and
  • Drug Court evaluations in the 9th Circuit of Missouri and Wyoming

Prior to joining NCSC, Dr. Cheesman served on the faculty of the University of Baltimore with a joint appointment in the Criminal Justice and Public Policy Divisions, also serving as a research associate with the Schaefer Center for Public Policy.  He served as a researcher and systems analyst for 15 years with the Ohio Department of Youth Services, where he developed population forecasts for the agency and conducted program evaluations. 

Dr. Cheesman holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management from The Ohio State University, an M.S. from Ohio University, and a B.A. from Purdue University.

(757) 259-1872