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Court Management Program

Courts have an increased need for employees to acquire knowledge and to develop their skills and abilities to assist in meeting organizational goals and objectives. The National Center for State Courts’ Institute for Court Management invites you to consider the Court Management Program as a means of investing in your professional development and advancing your career in court management.

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ICM Fellows Program

ICM Fellows Program Class of 2018 List of Graduates

The ICM Fellows Program is the flagship program of the National Center for State Court's Institute for Court Management. The only program of its kind in the United States, the Fellows Program traces its history to Chief Justice Warren E. Burger's call for improved management of court administration. The overall purpose of the Fellows Program is leadership development. Successful graduates of the Fellows program earn the distinction of being a Fellow of the Institute for Court Management and contribute to the growing literature on court administration.

Program Overview

The Fellows Program is the highest and most demanding certification available from ICM. Becoming an ICM Fellow is a process of continual professional development that enhances the knowledge, skills, and abilities of court administrators while providing leadership instruction in areas of functional responsibility associated with court administration. The four phases build upon each other and challenge participants to further develop analytical, administrative, and communication skills.
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All students seeking admission must compete for a place in the ICM Fellows Program.

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ICM Fellows

On behalf of nearly 1,300 Fellows of the Institute for Court Management, we welcome you to the ICM Fellows home page! Locate a Fellows classmate, review photos of graduating classes, and learn about recent graduates.

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