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New Judicial Education Class

A free, online, comprehensive Domestic Violence educational resource for judges. This course contains interactive modules on key topics which will allow judges to learn at their own pace from leading national experts.

Complete our Court Management Program (CMP) Certification All Online

We are pleased to announce that now all six core CMP certification courses are available online. This includes our newest online course, “Purposes and Responsibilities of the Courts.”

Completing these courses not only entitles you to an ICM certificate for each course, but also qualifies you for both the ICM Fellows Program and the Court Management Program (CMP). All course curricula are tied closely to the NACM Core Competencies and reflect what court managers need to know and do to address today's challenges in the courts.

For a complete list of all our online courses, please visit our course calendar page for more information or to register.

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Face-to-Face Courses

The Institute for Court Management boasts a significant record for training and educating judicial branch personnel in the growing body of knowledge on court leadership and management concepts, case management, human resources management, the court performance standards and other areas deemed critical to professional development.

ICM faculty strives to provide both theory and practical information that is readily applicable and transferable to the court setting. As both practitioners and teachers, they bring a unique vision to help court staff use information in a practical way.

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Online Courses

Participating in an ICM eLearning course requires no special technical skills and the content can be accessed using familiar, standardized software. Participants in eLearning courses have 24/7 access for three months from the date of registration and payment. Technical Support is available for participants through phone or email and each course contains helpful hints that make access easy.

For the first time, ICM now offers eLearning courses that carry certification credit for the ICM Fellows Program and Court Management Program.

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Free Courses

We also have a number of online courses that are free of charge. If you're new to online learning or want to learn some new skills and receive some free training, sign-up for one (or more!) of our free courses.

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