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John Meeks

For more than 35 years, ICM has spearheaded the drive to improve the operations of the courts through education, training and development.  From our beginning in 1970 with the first Court Executive Development program with 24 participants, ICM has grown to become a nationally and internationally known institution, offering a variety of programs to more than 2,000 judges, administrators and other court personnel each year.  Our alumni represent every state in the nation, and many foreign countries, and every jurisdiction level.

ICM is anchored in the philosophy that training is a life-long journey; that personal development is most effective when adult education principles and methods are applied, that collaboration is crucial to the development and dissemination of training, and that our primary business is meeting the needs of our customers – the state courts.  We are fortunate to have dedicated faculty and staff that make it happen.  With many years of experience in the design, development and implementation of court-related curriculum, their various backgrounds, education and true motivation are what make ICM a leader in providing high quality programs to the courts. 

Furthermore, the Institute provides a unique interactive educational opportunity for our participants by providing a forum for discussing their problems and seeking innovative solutions.

I speak here of the spirit of our Institute.  We at ICM see the development of community as one of our greatest contributions to the judiciary.  Many ICM Fellows and students speak fondly of their ICM experience. In large part, what they describe is an appreciation for the community of learners of which they were a part. 

As the Vice President of the National Center for State Courts’ Institute for Court Management, I am deeply honored to be a part of this community.  I want to thank all faculty, students, and staff for their enthusiasm and the pride they take in making ICM what it is today—a truly unique, world-class Institute.


-- John Meeks
Vice President, Institute for Court Management