Highlights of 2015

ICM Fellows have much to celebrate this summer.  First, congratulations to the ICM Fellows Class of 2015!  ICM is proud to welcome 22 new Fellows.  Margaret Allen of the Ohio Judicial College served as Spokesperson for the Class of 2015, while TJ BeMent of the 10th Judicial Administrative District in Athens, GA received the Vice President’s Award of Merit for Applied Research

And the Star Award winner is… A hearty congratulations goes to Jude Del Preore, recipient of the 2014 ICM Fellow Star Award. Jude was honored for his lifelong devotion to training and development in court administration.  

The Third Annual ICM Fellows Leadership seminar brought Fellows together in Louisville, KY for an engaging discussion that encouraged Fellows to reimagine the courts of the future while applying experiential learning to remind administrators how important it is to view the courts through the eyes of the litigants.      

Psst…Spread the word!  Applications are now being accepted for the ICM Fellows Class of 2017.  To apply, visit our Admissions page on the web.  Amy McDowell can be contacted at 757-259-1552 or amcdowell@ncsc.org with any questions.       

With gratitude – ICM would like to recognize the following individuals who graciously contributed to the Joan K. Cochet Memorial Scholarship in Joan’s memory. 

Robert N. Baldwin

Joan Bellistri

Howard H. Berchtold, Jr.

Elizabeth C. Blake

Christopher G. Bleuenstein

Linda Caviness

J. Peter Coolsen

Hilda Cuthbertson

Katherine A. Dabney

Thomas G. Dibble

Aine Donovan

Patricia Duggan

C. Rolf Eckel

Patricia Evans

Konstantina Vagenas & Keith Fisher

Carol R. Flango

Annette Fritz

Gordon M. Griller

Sally Holewa

Kathryn Holt

Sherilyn Hubert

Greg Hurley

Nancy Ippolito

L. M. Jacobs

F. Dale Kasparek, Jr. 

Denise Lundin

Deborah A. Mason

Amy McDowell

Mary C. McQueen

John R. Meeks

Gregory E. Mize

Lorri Montgomery

Nina Moreno

Eugene J. Murret

Neil Nesheim

Carolyn Probst

Karen L. Prochniewski

Nial Raaen

Jesse Rutledge

Deborah K. Smith

Linda R. Soles

Suzanne H. Stinson

Robin Sweet

Francie Teer

Nicole Waters

Robert D. Wessels

Gwen Williams

Chelsea Woodall