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Doing initial planning before a high-profile case is at your doorstep will help alleviate some stress when one does. The steps outlined below will be useful to have in any high-profile case and will allow planning for the specific case to begin as soon as possible. 

  • Determine the critical roles needed for a high profile case team. This normally includes the trial judge, court management role (clerk of court, court administrator, administrative judge,) public information officer, IT, and security. 
  • Identify the people who will occupy the the critical roles in the case of a high profile trial. 
  • Document state and local statutes, rules, and orders regarding relevant issues to a high-profile case (television of proceedings, media access, change of venue, etc.) and keep copies of these rules in an easily accessible location. 
  • Assess the capabilities of the facilities, technology, and security to handle the increased pressures of a high profile trial, as well as how additional funding can be found if necessary for changes. 

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