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At what stage of litigation is this case?

“A high-profile case can achieve notoriety at any stage of litigation.  Most high-profile cases can be recognized as such long before the case is formally filed in court, but some cases attract a high level of media attention much later, and sometimes even midtrial.   Use the checklists below to quickly identify and assign each member of the high-profile leadership team with responsibility for critical tasks that should be undertaken immediately for each stage of litigation. These documents can be downloaded and adapted to the needs of individual cases.”    

Trial Phases: 

  • Preplanning Checklist (MS Doc): proactively develop a plan and conduct routine training. 
  • Pretrial Checklist (MS Doc): period marked by episodic events, short in duration usually lasting less than an hour and up to three days. 
  • Trial Checklist (MS Doc): period including the actual trial and sentencing. 
  • Post-trial Checklist (MS Doc): winding down and restoring the court to its previous routine. 

Entire Checklist: 

  • High-Profile Case Checklist (MS Doc): all four trial phases checklists and additional considerations when looking at case management overall. 

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