October 29 - 30

ODR Forum 2019

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Call for Presentations

Are you an ODR professional or academic? Are you part of an organization that utilizes ODR? Do you design, develop, or implement ODR solutions? Do you study and measure ODR? The International ODR Forum 2019 needs you!

Presentation proposals are welcome on any topic relevant to ODR. The conference will feature both individual presentations and panel discussions. Topics of particular interest include:

  • Measures and metrics.
  • ODR in the private sector and public sector.
  • Technologies that enhance ODR including platforms and portals.
  • Solutions that reach non-traditional participants such as disadvantaged populations.
  • Ethical and social considerations.

Presentation timeslots will vary from 30-60 minutes and will be strictly regulated to ensure the conference runs according to schedule. All sessions must include time for audience questions and comments.

Presentation materials will be archived and made available to attendees. At the discretion of the presenter, materials may be made available to the public on the ODR Forum website.

Individuals and organizations may also submit papers to accompany their presentations. Depending on submissions, these papers may form the basis of an edited collection for broader publication.

Please note that product demonstrations are not acceptable conference presentations. Individuals and organizations who wish to "showcase" sites or products will have an opportunity to do so at the Forum venue but not as part of their presentation. Please contact Vesna Milojevic for further details.

Deadline for submissions: 5 April 2019.

Proposal template

Prospective presenters may submit up to three presentation proposals. Please submit presentation proposals in the format provided. Download the proposal template.

Submit your proposal

Once you have filled out the template, submit via email.