October 29 - 30

ODR Forum 2019

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

The National Center for State Courts is pleased to host the ODR Forum 2019 and gives special thanks to the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution

About the National Center for State Courts

The authoritative source for court services

NCSC is the organization courts turn to for authoritative knowledge and information, because its efforts are directed by collaborative work with the Conference of Chief Justices, the Conference of State Court Administrators, and other associations of judicial leaders.

Consequently, NCSC is able to return expertise to the courts in a variety of forms — from Web resources to hands-on assistance.  State assessments pay for the distribution of information from knowledge analysts and online sources, available free of charge to state trial and appellate courts and their administrative offices.

From clearinghouse to full-service solution provider

All of NCSC's services — research, information services, education, consulting — are focused on helping courts plan, make decisions, and implement improvements that save time and money, while ensuring judicial administration that supports fair and impartial decision-making.  

About the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution

The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution supports and sustains the development of information technology applications, institutional resources, and theoretical and applied knowledge for better understanding and managing conflict. The Center believes that networked information technology can be uniquely leveraged to expand and improve conflict management resources and expertise. We are only at the beginning of understanding how individuals separated by great physical, cultural, or technological distances can utilize resources and expertise virtually. We conceive of the online environment as a “place” where increasingly powerful tools will be available for working to find solutions to many forms of offline/online conflict, whether they are public or private, whether they involve commercial transactions or other social relationships, and whether they are international or domestic.