October 29 - 30

ODR Forum 2019

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Things to do in Williamsburg, Va

Places to Visit:

  1. The Courthouse: Known as the location where Benjamin Waller read the Declaration of Independence and where the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War was announced.  
  2. Governor’s Palace: The Governor’s Place was home to royal governors and two elected governors. 
  3. Jamestown Settlement: Is a short drive from Williamsburg. The Jamestown Settlement was America’s first permanent English colony and offers a variety of fun activities, including private tours, museums, and dining. 
  4. Merchants Square: Is considered one of the earliest shopping districts in the United States. Visit Merchants Square for shopping, dining, live shows, and other special events.  
  5. Driving the Colonial Parkway: This Parkway runs about 28 miles and connects Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. All three sites played an important role in developing early American history. 

In addition to the above-listed landmarks, there are many more sites to visit and events to partake in in Williamsburg. For more sites and interest-based itineraries, please visit The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the official Williamsburg Tourism page. 

Restaurants Within Walking Distance:

  1. Amber Ox
  2. DoG Street Pub
  3. Blue Talon Bistro
  4. Berret’s Seafood Restaurant & Taphouse Grill
  5. Aromas Specialty Coffees
  6. The Hound’s Tale

For more restaurant options, please see the TripAdvisor list of restaurants in Williamsburg, VA.