NCSC Backgrounder

Providing the media with statistics and facts related to justice issues of interest

2018 Backgrounders

March 23 Pennsylvania effort to impeach state supreme court members part of a national trend

2017 Backgrounders

June 29 Fighting Homelessness - Homeless courts are popping up nationwide

2016 Backgrounders

November 30 State court leaders strive to improve guardianship and conservatorship oversight
February 15 For Scalia Successor, Will President Obama Look to the State Court System?

2015 Backgrounders

March 5 National Court Leadership: Fines and Fees No Way to Pay for Justice

2014 Backgrounders

April 25 Oklahoma “constitutional crisis” resolved, judges still targets for removal by legislator

2013 Backgrounders

June 26 Same-Sex Marriage Cases in State Courts – (Update)
February 11 Delaware courthouse shooting renews spotlight on courthouse safety and security

2012 Backgrounders

August 16 Reality Bites: Nothing "Real World" About TV Judges' Salaries
April 26 Courts around the country are recognizing Law Day, May 1

2011 Backgrounders

November 29 State budget cuts threaten public’s access to courts
November 18 State courts participate in National Adoption Day
July 27 How are state chief justices chosen?
May 25 Shortfalls in court budgets directly impact public
April 28 National Center for State Courts and courts across the country recognize Law Day May 1
April 7 Crime victims are protected by the courts
March 4 Screen legend Mickey Rooney turns spotlight on elder abuse
February 25 Gubernatorial appointments render Iowa one of only three states with all-male high court
January 24 Who’s Coming to the State of the Union — and Which Judges Attend in the States?

2010 Backgrounders

December 30 Iowa legislature threatens to oust four Supreme Court justices
December 8 New NCSC report: State courts face record-breaking caseloads
November 11 State courts honor veterans by providing specialized programs
October 28 Nearly 20 court-related items on Nov. 2 state ballots
September 30 As Congress considers using retired justices, most states already do
September 23 Dozens of state Supreme Court seats up for grabs in November
August 5 Unusual U.S. Supreme Court turnover rate mirrored in state courts
July 19 What happens when a state court chief justice steps down?
June 7 One year after Caperton, many states grapple with judicial recusal
May 11 National data shows Kagan's lack of judicial experience hardly unusual
April 29 Appreciation week recognizes jurors’ integral role in justice system
April 21 Many states outpace U.S. Supreme Court on gender diversity
April 15 For first time since 1789, U.S. Supreme Court is absent a jurist with state court experience
April 5 Most states require judges to step down after 70