Current cybersecurity threats highlight need for state courts to have prevention and response policies in place

In light of current national events that involve cybersecurity threats from Iran, the National Center for State Courts is encouraging all courts to review their cybersecurity policy and response plan. If your court does not have a plan, NCSC recommends making it a priority.  

State court systems already have been targets of cyberattacks and currently are considered vulnerable targets. No specific threat has been identified, however, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is actively monitoring and preparing for cyber threats that include the disruption of services by overwhelming computerized systems, the use of malicious software to wipe out data, or targeting officials with "sophisticated information operations over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.”  

In a statement on Iranian Cybersecurity Threats, the DHS has warned of attacks that can wipe out all information, combined with tactics such as phishing and can result in an entire network being lost. DHS tips and best practices for cyber security are available here.

If your court has questions about how to develop a policy, please contact NCSC Director of Technology Services Paul Embley or call NCSC’s Knowledge and Information Services at 800-616-6164 for more information.

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