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NEW ICM Course Format Offered at NACM Conference

PRC Hybrid Class

ICM proudly completed the very first hybrid course at the NACM Conference in Louisville, Kentucky in July 2015. The course was formatted to allow participants to engage in the online learning environment for six weeks prior to the full day event that wrapped up the course for certification in Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts.

The course was not only presented in a new format, but also contained the newly revised content. The revisions of the prior course content included reorganizing content, adding new content based on current research and best practices, and content based on the newly revised NACM Core® competency model. The new Core® takes Purposes and Responsibilities out of the center of "the wheel" and rearranges it in a hierarchical order as a foundational concept that also includes Public Trust and Confidence. We also included new content that incorporates a bit of Governance and Ethics.

The group in this particular course showed up for the full day session ready to go! After spending so much time in the online environment, it was evident they were beyond getting to know one another and figuring out the expectations of the course. They were ready to apply that knowledge and get busy. The active engagement model provided a day of adventures that had the participants thinking outside of the day-to-day box and into the realm of why their courts exist and what their roles are in those purposes.

Some of the comments on the evaluations would suggest that this format was a sheer winner and we could definitely look at this as a viable and exciting new opportunity to offer for court managers and leaders. Stay tuned to hear what our next foray into this format may offer!

Course Revisions Update

It is definitely a time when we are all having to pull together as one team at ICM. The National Programs staff and the Creative Learning Services staff have been busy putting together timelines and budgets to be sure we are able to roll out new course offerings for all of our eagerly awaiting customers out in the vast lands of courts.

National Programs staff has finally gotten the formatting of the new guides and manuals. I'm sure when we roll them out to all programs you will be as impressed as our own Vice President to see the "Cadillac version" of curriculum guides. We are aiming to incorporate the most impressive principles in instructional design and solve many of the issues that were brought to us by staff and participants in the past several years. It is our goal to create the best possible model as the premier court education institution in the country.

Creative Learning Services has also been busy finding the best learning management system to house all of our courses and incorporating the best instructional design principles to ensure the online learning experiences that ICM offers are the most remarkable of online experiences. We are paying particular attention to how we are able to communicate with participants, track analytics, and streamline the navigation for easier independent learning to take place.

As the final touches are put on the new Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts this month, the revisions have begun on Fundamental Issues of Caseflow Management, CourTools, and High Performance Courts Framework. We look forward to continuing to make improvements to our policies, processes, and procedures that accompany all of our courses and faculty that teach these courses. The timeline that had previously been set is still the plan we have in place today.

NCSC Connected Communities

NCSC Connected Community

You may have gotten notice from NCSC about the new Connected Community space that allows constituents an online space to ask questions, hold discussions, collaborate on projects and share files. It's been something you have been asking for and we have been busy incorporating that environment into our National Programs and Fellows Programs.

Our own Pat Duggan will be writing a monthly educational blog and is excited to roll that out. She has been in the test phase over the course of the Summer but is now ready to start the blast. You can look forward to insights provided to commonly asked questions, best practices in the field of court education, and previews to some of our programs.

This will also become a foundational component for our faculty to use as part of being certified to teach our national courses. There will be one community set up for faculty certified in each course and will allow them to communicate with one another. As many of you know, there were many requests for ICM to allow staff to incorporate state relevant information or ways to present a specific activity or exercise in a more creative way. We have an abundance of faculty with marvelous ideas out there and this will allow you all to communicate and build off of one another. You will get notification and be asked to join the community you are a part of. We are excited to offer this environment for communication for so many reasons and eagerly anticipate taking part in a big way.


New Online Format of ICM Newsletter

ICM is proud to present our very first digital newsletter. This has been coming for several months and has finally been able to be launched. Our teams have been working to ensure we provide the best format for communicating to our learners, partners, and constituents. We are thrilled to provide all ICM related news to you in one place.

We have started with those we know want to receive our news and would like to offer instructions for you to pass on our news to anyone else that wants to hear what we have to say.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter just visit this page on the NCSC website: This is the main page for all NCSC newsletters and communications. Just look for Institute for Court Management and follow the online instructions. As always, if you have questions or comments you can contact us and we would be happy to navigate you to the appropriate page.



ICM Fellows have much to celebrate this summer

ICM Fellows

First, congratulations to the ICM Fellows Class of 2015! ICM is proud to welcome 22 new Fellows. Margaret Allen of the Ohio Judicial College served as Spokesperson for the Class of 2015, while TJ BeMent of the 10th Judicial Administrative District in Athens, GA received the Vice President's Award of Merit for Applied Research.

And the Star Award winner is… A hearty congratulations goes to Jude Del Preore, recipient of the 2014 ICM Fellow Star Award. Jude was honored for his lifelong devotion to training and development in court administration.

The Third Annual ICM Fellows Leadership seminar brought Fellows together in Louisville, KY for an engaging discussion that encouraged Fellows to reimagine the courts of the future. Participants applied experiential learning as a way to view the courts from the litigants' perspective.

Psst…Spread the word! Applications are now being accepted for the ICM Fellows Class of 2017. To apply, visit our Admissions page on the web.



Fellows – Rekindle the Flame!

Bob Zastany '88, Howard Berchtold '86

Welcome to the inaugural FELLOWS COLUMN! We wish to thank ICM for initiating this newsletter during the past year and now for including a column devoted to us, the Fellows. This is your column; individuals, groups, classes are encouraged to write future columns. We are honored to have been asked to author the first and have chosen to focus on you and where you are with your career!

We are among more than 1,200 court professionals that have achieved the status of "Fellow" in the United States and abroad. Regardless of whether retired, between jobs, currently employed in the field or just beginning the ascent on your career ladder, there is a common bond we "Fellows" possess: the camaraderie of taking the path of self-improvement and the commitment to improve the administration of justice.

Fellows, the alumni if you will, are a powerful force in furthering the development of the ICM mission – To educate, inform, and support current and next generation management and leadership of the state courts. We believe that the purpose of a Fellow's alumni group is to: provide a sustainable and efficient means of engaging Fellows by improving communication (this newsletter and the new NCSC Connected Community and ICM Fellows Community are great vehicles); provide Fellows and future Fellows with a sustainable means to implement the concepts and ideas they explored during their training experience through research and course development; and, enhance the spirit of collegiality among the members of the alumni group by providing education and social sessions at national, state, and local events. Alumni foster a sense of prestige by associating themselves closely with a truly unique, world-class Institute, and encourage others to join the ranks. With that said, let us focus on this article's purpose, you.



Court Technology Conference

September 22-24, 2015, Minneapolis, MN

National Association of State Judicial Educators Conference

October 4-7, 2015, Seattle, WA

Mid-Atlantic Association for Court Management Conference

October 25-28, 2015, Long Branch, NJ