Institute for Court Management

APRIL 2016

ICM Certification Course Revision Process, Timeline & Support


As ICM's certification courses are revised there will be two main sources of information and assistance for faculty and those responsible for administering ICM courses. The first is a "Connected Community" for each of the courses, which is where the new materials will be available for faculty and administration. The second is a series of webinars that will educate faculty about the changes to the courses.

Corresponding to the launch of our newly revised Purposes & Responsibilities of Courts course we have scheduled a series of webinars for all currently certified faculty to provide direct assistance in understanding the new design and the revised content. As ICM updates its courses certified faculty will be required to participate in one of the webinars in order to maintain their certification. The first webinar was last week and upcoming webinars are scheduled for 2:00pm eastern time May 19th and November 9th. Registration links will be posted on the Connected Community a week before the webinars are scheduled to take place.

The Connected Communities for Purposes & Responsibilities of Courts faculty and for ICM Certification Programs Administration are now live and all certified faculty should have received an email inviting them to register for that community. Faculty and administrators will be asked to accept the invitation, and if you are logging in for the first time, you will need to get your user name/password by using the link on the Sign In page.

The 2016 timeline for releasing in-person course materials is as follows: Workforce Management (HR), May; Fundamental Issues of Caseflow Management, June; Managing Court Financial Resources, August; and CourTools and Managing Court Technology Projects & Resources will be released in the fall. Our focus for making changes and updates to ICM's courses are: participant and faculty feedback, dated or old content, and NACM Core ® competencies.

ICM/NCSC Connected Community

NCSC Connected Communities

As each ICM course is revised the new faculty Guides will be posted into the Connected Community for that course. At that time the Connected Community will become live and faculty will be invited to subscribe to that community. Course administrators will also be given access to the materials in their community. We are excited to have a way to grant access to course materials electronically and to communicate with everyone in one place.

Connected Communities will also be a place where certified faculty can exchange ideas and information about your teaching experiences or concerns with others who teach the same courses.

Remember, faculty will need to join each community for which you are certified in order to receive updates and be part of the discussion forums. Check your clutter or spam folders periodically to be sure you are receiving all ICM communications. Also, add the NCSC to safe senders list.

ICM Migration to the LearnUpon Learning Management System

The new ICM LearnUpon LMS is a dynamic Learning Management System that allows users to self-register for courses, integrates instructor-led training, offers customizable learning paths and provides content sequencing. It incorporates a clean and clear storefront feature minimizing any confusion as a learner is easily passed through to the course dashboard.

The minimalistic dashboard facilitates course access and communication between instructor and classmates. A course progress bar will appear for each course and serve as a visual que for learners to chart their accomplishments.

As current ICM online courses are migrated to the system, the changes will appear seamless and intuitive. The new learning environment will resemble more current and familiar online user interfaces.


Helpful Reminders for Those That Submit Paperwork for Certification Courses

  1. Timeline – The CMP Consortium/Licensees shall apply for the ICM certification within 30 days following the delivery of the ICM program at the appropriate depository site for course uploads.
  2. Required Documents - CMP Consortium/Licensees shall provide electronic documents of the following:
    1. Signed Faculty/Judicial Educator Completion of Requirements Statement – Signed statement from faculty states that all participants have met the ICM attendance and participation requirements.
    2. Participant Sign-In Sheets – Sign-in sheets of participants for each day of program
    3. Participant Contact Information Document – Full contact information for all participants in excel format, First Name, Last Name, Title, Court, Address, City, State, Zip, phone, email addresses. Only participants that have attended the full 2.5 days and paid for the course should be noted on this form.
    4. Course Evaluations Summary – Compiled summaries of participant course evaluations for the course.
    5. Participant Make-Up Paper – Make-up papers are due within 30-days from the date of course completion for anyone that missed a portion of the class and was permitted to write a 3-4 page paper. Only
  3. Course Certificates – Upon payment, ICM will issue and email electronic certificates to each participant.
  4. CCM/CCE Completion Certificates – Please remember to submit a list of all candidates that have completed all six courses for either the CCM or CCE Certificates. ICM will conduct an audit of records and completion certificates will be mailed to graduates.

What Else Are We Up To?

What else?

ICM is off to a busy start for 2016! Through the continued support of our many court managers and leaders, we have quite a schedule already on the books for the year. We have added a new licensee-welcome Guam. We have more than tripled our partnership offerings for courses over last year's numbers. We once again will be offering our PRC Hybrid course leading up to the annual NACM conference and on Sunday at the conference location before the NACM conference begins.

We are developing a schedule for updating the online versions of our courses and the new versions will be based in our new online learning management system, LearnUpon. We are hopeful that the new courses will begin populating that environment during the fall of 2016. Stay tuned for additional details!


Upcoming Event & Alumni Notes

Save the date for the Fourth Annual ICM Fellows Leadership Seminar to be held Sunday, July 10, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA at the NACM Annual Conference. Join us as we explore current topics in court leadership, including public perception of the courts and the power of the judiciary.

ICM Fellows Alexis Allen ('14), Margaret Allen ('15), Russell Brown III ('06), Neil Nesheim ('10), and Cheryl Stone ('12) participated in a panel entitled "Improving Yourself and Your Court through Research" at the NACM Mid-Year Meeting in Mobile, Alabama. The panel, moderated by Scott Griffith, highlighted the fruits of ICM Fellows research.

ICM congratulates Theresa Ewing, ICM Fellows Class of '12, on her appointment as Director of the Fort Worth Municipal Courts. Theresa brings 25 years of court administration experience to the appointment, which begins May 16. Congratulations Theresa!