Judging Traffic

2019 Newsletters

September 25 Distracted Driving: Prevalence and Motivations
August 29 Issue Brief On Marijuana and Traffic Cases: Testing, Limits, and Research
July 31 Minnesota Supreme Court: Right To Counsel Does Not Apply When Individual Asked to Submit to Blood Test Pursuant To A Warrant
July 1 SCOTUS in Mitchell v. Wisconsin: Exigent-Circumstances Doctrine Allows Blood Draw From Unconscious Driver
May 31 SCOTUS Oral Argument in Wisconsin Case
April 30 Sixth Circuit: Chalking tires to enforce parking ordinance violates Fourth Amendment
March 29 New Best Practices for a State Judicial Outreach Liaison Program guide is now available
February 22 Georgia: State Constitution Prohibits Using Refusal To Take Breathalyzer In Criminal Case
January 31 National: U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Take Wisconsin Case On Blood Draws Of Unconscious Drivers + Kentucky: Enhanced Penalties for Refusing to Submit to Blood Test Permitted Under Birchfield

2018 Newsletters

December 19 Appellate Court Affirms ARIDE Officer Being Qualified as an Expert + 24/7 Sobriety Program Study
October 17 New Marijuana Impaired Driving Study + Regional Judicial Outreach Liaison Paid Position Opening
September 19 Cannabis Report + Traffic Safety Facts
August 15 Limit on Prosecutorial Discretion Regarding DL Suspension + Significant Inferences Sufficient to Sustain DWI Conviction
July 18 State v. Lyanne Lemeunier-Fitzgerald + Traffic Safety Trends
June 20 New: Ignition Interlock Report + Low-Speed Gas Bicycle + Drugged Driving Data
May 16 Circuit Court Errs in Statutory Interpretation + Alternative Solution to Distracted Driving
April 18 1 in 3 Young Adults Ride With Impaired Drivers + Georgia Legislature Passes Distracted Driving Bill
March 21 Top Massachusetts Court Upholds Pretextual Traffic Stops in Commonwealth v. Buckley + Delaware Considers Becoming Second State to Lower BAC Limit for DUI to 0.05
February 14 Equal Justice Under Law Challenges Pennsylvania License Suspensions for Drug Offenses + France Bans All Smartphone Use While Driving--Even While Pulled Over
January 17 Oklahoma Impaired Driving Law Found Unconstitutional + Georgia Aims to Become a Hands-Free State + Big Brother on Wheels

2017 Newsletters

December 20 Legislators in Wisconsin Propose Interlocks for First-Time Offenders + Colorado Gives DUI Offenders Personal Breathalyzers
November 15 Georgia Supreme Court Holds That Compelled Breathalyzer Tests Violate Georgia Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
October 18 Commonwealth v. Gerhardt - Field Sobriety Tests and Marijuana;
September 20 Special Profile: Remote Video Proceedings for Traffic Cases in Fresno, California
August 16 Colorado Court Rules Marijuana Detection By Canine Unit Insufficient Cause for Search; Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Statute Prohibiting Local Governments From Using Traffic Cameras
July 19 Montana Defendant Challenges State's Marijuana DUI Standard as Arbitrary; Washington State Enacts Tougher Distracted Driving Law
June 21 Chicago State's Attorney's Office to Stop Prosecuting Certain Traffic Offenses Due to Overwhelming Caseloads
May 17 Texas Legislature Considers "Second Chance" Law; Learning About Police Interaction in Driver's Education
April 19 Utah Lowers BAC Limit to 0.05; Traffic Resource Center Redesign; State v. Worsham: Event Data Recorders and the Fourth Amendment
March 15 Mental Illness Defense Should be Heard; No Right to an Attorney During a Field Sobriety Test
February 15 Worth a Listen: Making the case & Marijuana Testing; Statistics - DUI's and Super Bowl Sunday
January 18 Ohio Supreme Court says Testimony of Experienced Police Officer Sufficient to Prove Drugged Driving Impairment; Medical Marijuana Patients Given Some DUI Protections

2016 Newsletters

December 21 Best of 2016 December Newsletter
November 16 Marijuana Wins Big on Election Day; WV Supreme Court Looks at DUIs Occurring on Private Property
October 19 Rhode Island Seeks to Clarify what Cell Phone use is Permitted while Driving; MN Supreme Court Kills Warrantless Blood AND Urine Tests
September 21 Woman's "I Don't Have my Glasses" Defense Fails in Pa Court; Ca. Bill Seeks to Push Courts to Handle Traffic Amnesty Cases Faster
June 22 Ga's Supreme Court rules on Police Traffic Arrest Jurisdiction; Iowa Supreme Court Considers $75 Traffic Ticket Case
May 18 Ongoing Issues with THC Testing; Update: Minnesota v. Bernard at SCOTUS
April 20 Minnesota v. Bernard at SCOTUS; "U Drive, U Text, U Pay"; NY Pushes "Textalyser" as the Breathtest for Texting Drivers
March 16 Biological challenges with testing drugged drivers; Wisc. Report finds Non-compliance with Ignition Interlock Orders
February 17 SCOTUS to Revisit Warrantless Tests; Colorado and Drugged Driving: The story, so far
January 20 New DWI Defense? Auto-Brewery Syndrome; Law Review: Does Fla. Need a Statutory DUI Pretrial Diversion Program?

2015 Newsletters

December 16 Traffic fatalities fall in 2014, estimates show 2015 trending higher; Arizona Supreme Court Rules in on Med. Marijuana in DUI Cases
November 18 Supreme Court of Miss. Upholds Drugged Driving Charge; Issue Brief: Sobriety Checkpoints
October 21 National Teen Driver Safety Week; Minnesota Appeals Court Says Warrants Needed
September 16 Alcohol Provider Liability: Issue Brief 7; Fla Appeals Court Rules on Proper Blood Draw
August 19 Key Fobs, Sleeping and "control of the vehicle"; New Felony DUI Law in Colorado; Minnesota DWI Courts are Making Progress
July 15 New DUI Laws Taking Effect July 1, 2015; No Implied Consent for Unconscious DUI Suspects
June 17 NJ Supreme Court Says McNeely Applies to Some Past Cases; Denver Sobriety Court 4 Years and Counting
May 20 Ca’s CJ Pushes for Expedited Rule to Address Traffic Fine Proceedings; Drugged Driving Awareness: Beyond Campaign Slogans
April 15 Ga. Supreme Court Throws out Warrantless Blood Test Case; Do Cameras Violate Ohio's Constitution?
March 18 Vermont Supreme Court Rules on Air Fresheners; Pre-trial Diversion Programs for DUIs
February 18 Using Preliminary Breath Test Results in Trials? Don’t Hold Your Breath!!!; The 4th Amendment, Riley, and Texting While Driving
January 21 First Issue Brief of 2015!: DUI's and the Assimilative Crimes Act; Webinar! Women and Impaired Driving

2014 Newsletters

December 17 New Study: Minnesota’s DWI Courts Reduce Recidivism, Save Money; Alcohol and Older Drivers
November 19 FREE Webinar on New DUI Assessment Tool; Oregon Appellate Court says "NO" to Courtroom DUI Test
October 15 Regional JOL Position Open for Applicants; 19 Million Views! (and counting) for "Friends are Waiting"
September 17 "Drunk Suit" Helps Demonstrate the Dangers of Impaired Driving; Smart Watches = Latest Device Poses Challenges to Road Safety
August 20 Webinar! Impaired Driving Risk Assessment: Reducing Recidivism; Judge Warns "Keep it in Court" or Risk Contempt
July 15 DUI Case Management in the Scottsdale City Court: Applying the High Performance Court Framework; Vangelder vs. California
June 19 Traffic Resource Webinar Now ONLINE; Ignition Interlock: An Investigation Into Rural AZ. Judges' Perceptions
May 21 State of New Jersey v. Zoppy; Vulnerable User Statutes; Waukesha County v. Patel
April 16 Hawaii Court Upholds Implied Consent Law; California Partnership Brings DUI Courts to Schools
March 19 March
February 19 Upcoming Traffic Webcasts from the National Judicial College; New Mexico Legislature Passes 24/7 Sobriety and Drug Monitoring Resolution
January 15 Traffic Deaths Drop to 1940s Levels in Some States, NHTSA Reports; The Cost of Alcohol-Involved Crashes

2013 Newsletters

December 19 Axelberg v. Commissioner of Public Safety; Isanti County, MN Judge Recognized for Innovations in Handling DUI Cases
November 20 DUI Records Probe In Lebanon County, PA; State of Minnesota v. Wesley Eugene Brooks
October 16 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Daniel Roger Smith; Chicago Responds to Speeding Problem; Red Light Camera Controversy
September 18 Century Council Press Announcement on Reducing Recidivism; Teens Waiting Longer to Drive
August 21 Distracted Driving: Survey of the States; Digest of Impaired Driving And Selected Beverage Control Laws
June 19 Designated Driver Study; State of Arizona v. Hon. Butler/Tyler B.; Upcoming Webcasts
May 15 Issuance of Driver's Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants; Missouri v. McNeely; The Future of Traffic Cases
April 17 Designer Drugs and the Law; Commercial Vehicles & Courts Webcast Series presents: "Compliance: A Best Practice State"; State of Idaho v. Geirrod Detloph Stark
March 13 Maryland Bill Addresses Scientific Validity of DRE Testimony; Best Practices Guide to Reducing Suspended Drivers; Liberty without Capacity: Why States Should Ban Adolescent Driving
February 20 Postal Service Claims Immunity from Traffic Infractions; Anonymous Tips and Driving Intoxicated; Problem Solving Courts Census
January 16 Per Se Drugged Driving Laws and Traffic Fatalities; What's Happening in the States; Jefferson County (KY) DUI Conviction Rates

2012 Newsletters

December 21 Happy Holidays; Upcoming Events
November 30 Report Released on South Dakota's 24/7 Sobriety Project; California Office of Traffic Safety Impaired-Driving Survey
October 31 Welcome to the First Edition of Judging Traffic; U.S. Supreme Court and Traffic Law; Traffic Resource Center for Judges; Illinois Supreme Court Reviewed Standard for DUI Stop