Regional JOL Position Open for Applicants

There is currently an opening for the Regional Judicial Outreach Liaison (JOL) position serving NHTSA Region 9: Arizona, California, Hawaii and Pacific Territories. The position provides a foundation for NHTSA and the American Bar Association-Judicial Division (ABA) to focus their outreach efforts in order to educate and mobilize support for NHTSA’s impaired driving and other traffic safety activities. This will assist in reflecting NHTSA’s goal of providing judicial outreach in each of NHTSA’s regions and thereby improving judicial community outreach and promoting confidence and trust in the judiciary. If you are a sitting or retired judge, you live in any of the states or territories listed above, and are interested in learning more about this salaried position, please contact Gena Taylor at (800.238.2667, ext. 6716, or direct line at 312.988.6716.) The deadline for all applications is NOVEMBER 10, 2014.

19 Million Views! (and counting) for "Friends are Waiting"

A new industry-developed anti-impaired driving ad was released in September for the Global Be(er) Responsible Day. The ad depicts a man playing with his dog before leaving for a party. It goes on to show the dog waiting for his owner and displays the text “For some, the waiting never ended. But we can change that.” before showing the owner returning and telling his dog that he stayed at his friend’s house overnight. The ad ends with the text “Make a plan to make it home. Your friends are counting on you.” This PSA takes a different approach in its message to drivers, appealing to the emotions of those who choose to consume alcohol rather than reminding them of the potential consequences of drinking and driving. This industry-developed advertisement is a good supplement to the traditional anti-drunk driving campaigns the public is accustomed to seeing. This ad is particularly notable because its high quality production presents a memorable message and focus groups found it to be particularly powerful.

Free Drugged Driving Webinar!!!

On Thursday, October 16, 2014 (tomorrow!) at 2pm EST, the National Center for DWI Courts is hosting a webinar on the impact of drugged driving on DWI Courts. The Honorable Mary Celeste will discuss the drugged driving problem and implications of the increasing trend on DWI Courts. With more states opting to legalize marijuana and the ongoing prescription drug problem in the United States, it is anticipated that drugged driving will continue to be a challenge all courts face. Judge Celeste will provide attendees with a glimpse into the facts about Drugged Driving. Judge Celeste will also review Drugged Driving language in a variety of state DWI laws and the implications this increasing trend has on DWI Courts. Click HERE to register.

Mock DUI Program: Free Webinar

The Federal Highway Administration, Office of Safety, and the Roadway Safety Noteworthy Practices Program will host a webinar on the Seminole County, Florida Mock DUI program next Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 1pm EST.  Ms. Robin Butler, from the Seminole County Fire Department, will present on the community based Mock DUI Program, used to educate high school students on the risks and life-altering consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. The Mock DUI Program is unique because it derives support and participation from the entire community: students, parents, teachers, and school administrators; state and local transportation professionals, law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency responders; and from the business community. Click HERE to register.

Issue Brief #3: Statute of Limitation Laws on Plea Bargaining DUI Cases

In a recent article the Traffic Resource Center looks at the different ways states legislatures have crafted statutory components that limit the ability of prosecution and/or the court to dispose of impaired driving cases by plea bargains, which either results in a dismissal or a reduction of the impaired driving charge. The scope of these statutes and the mechanisms they employ can vary considerably from state to state.  The issue brief describes the statutes that are currently in place.

High Court Asked to Clarify McNeely

Colorado's 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office on Sept. 2, 2014 submitted a petition for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to weigh in on a case that could change the rules for felony DUI offenders.

Call for Article Submissions!!!

Trends in State Courts is an annual, peer-reviewed publication that highlights innovative practices in critical areas that are of interest to courts, and often serves as a guide for developing new initiatives and programs, and informing and supporting policy decisions. Trends is the only publication of its kind and enjoys a wide circulation among the state court community. It is distributed in hard copy and electronically. Submissions for the 2015 edition are now being accepted. Please email abstracts of no more than 500 words to Deborah Smith at Abstracts received after this date are welcome and will be considered for inclusion in our monthly online edition. Visit the Trends in State Courts website at 

NCSC Traffic Resource Center

The Traffic Resource Center is a cooperative effort between the Department of Transportation and the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to establish a resource for judges, court administrators, court clerks, and other court staff on issues related to traffic adjudication. It is an integrated clearinghouse of information as well as a training and technical assistance resource to improve court decision-making and processing of traffic cases involving impaired driving, drugged driving, distracted driving, and commercial driving. The purpose of the Traffic Resource Center website is to provide a useful, ready reference for judges new to the bench or recently assigned to traffic cases, who may need quick access to accurate and timely information until they can receive more formal, structured education.

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