Jur-E Bulletin

2019 Newsletters

October 18 Should Edward Snowden Be Denied a Jury Trial?
October 11 Florida Youth Jailed for 10 Days for Missing Jury Duty
October 4 Jury Selection in a Canadian Hockey Rink
September 27 In Praise of Jury Nullification
September 20 How Often Are Multiple Misbehaving Jurors Found in Contempt of Court?
September 13 The Case of the Juror Making 7,000 Text Messages During High-Profile Murder Trial
September 6 Jury Selection - Canada and U.S. Military Style
August 30 On the Tenth Day of Deliberations, Three Jurors Dismissed for Misconduct, Contempt Charges Next?
August 23 How to Pack for Jury Duty
August 16 Washington State Continues Close Scrutiny of Racial Bias in Jury Trials
August 2 Judge sends jury home during heat wave in UK
July 26 What is a rogue juror?
July 19 American History Lesson: Children Picked Prospective Jurors!
July 12 Implicit bias, jury pools and a SCOTUS decision
June 28 Check out our new look!
June 21 Judicial College Posts Results of Trial Judge Survey: Few Judges Disagree with Jury Verdicts
June 14 Nominations for the 2019 G. Thomas Munsterman Award Are Being Accepted Now
June 7 Michigan Supreme Court Contemplating Statewide Rule for Communication Devices Used in Courthouses
May 31 Iowa Supreme Court Establishes New Jurisprudence for Determining Jury Pool Representativeness
May 24 Should a Service Dog Participate in Jury Trials? Texas Judges Reconsidering Allowance in Courthouses
May 17 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Uncovers Blatant Racial Bias by District Attorney
May 10 What Happens Inside Jurors’ Minds When a Judge Directs Them to Ignore What They Have Heard?
May 3 Oregon Set to Reconsider Non-unanimous Jury Verdicts
April 26 Maryland High Court Tells Trial Judges, “Keep It Simple” with Voir Dire Questions
April 19 News Reporters Argue Judge’s Use of White-Noise “Husher” in Jury Selection Violates Constitution
April 12 Media to Be Blocked Out of Seeing Graphic Videos in Homicide Prosecution of Minneapolis Police Officer
April 5 South Carolina Bar Leaders Press for More Lawyer Involvement in Voir Dire Questioning in Civil Cases
March 29 Former Juror Reflects on the Verdict in Police Officer Misconduct Case
March 22 Members of Congress Seek Amendments to U.S. Jury Selection and Service Act
March 15 Alaska Salutes Its Hardy Jurors + Why Do Juries Often Acquit Police Officers in Excessive Force Cases? The Role of Jury Selection
March 8 92-Year Old Still Shows Up for Jury Duty – “It’s My Moral Obligation”
March 1 Jury Selection in Virginia Faulted for Violating Trial Judge’s Order
February 22 Retiring Texas Judge Says, “Jurors Who Came Through My Court” Provide His Most Lasting Memories
February 15 Protesting a Possible Gag Order, Roger Stone Asserts Trust in American Jury Selection Procedures
February 8 Sheriff Snooping Juror Notes Causes Dismissal of Criminal Case
February 1 Does the Sixth Amendment Require a Jury Determination of Victim Restitution Amounts?
January 4 Facebook Post-Verdict Posting Questioned + A Trial Consultant Reviews His Own Jury Experience

2018 Newsletters

December 28 Sister of Prosecutor Not Removed for Cause + Jurors Recount the Traumatic Impact of Jury Service
December 20 Juror Rehabilitation Case + Quick Survey
December 14 People v. Keith Eric Wood + Victorian Juries Commissioner to Examine Juror Support
November 30 Right to Jury Trial Connected to Collateral Consequence + Bailiff Helps Save Juror’s Life
November 16 A Nice Touch + Reynolds v. Florida
November 9 Juror Impeachment of Verdicts + A little humor
October 26 Hole in the Wall + U.S. Marshals Issue Fraud Alert
October 19 A former jury coordinator in Alaska receives the 2018 G. Thomas Munsterman Award
October 12 Louisiana Constitutional Amendment + Overly Lenient Jury Service Policies
October 5 Jury Service Caption Contest + To Catch a Thief + Implied Bias Case
September 28 Juror Rehabilitation in a Death Penalty Case + Ordinary Viewpoint or Bias?
September 21 Internet Research on Jurors Not Permitted + Are Jurors Eligible for Worker’s Compensation?
September 14 Victorian Jury Sentencing Study + Actual Juror Bias Case + Questions Concerning Prior Trial Experience
August 24 Taint on the Jury? + Take Down Orders + Well Designed Jury Summonses
August 17 Attorney Research on Jurors + Remedy When a Motion to Remove a Juror for Cause is Denied
August 10 Public Policy in Favor of Arbitration + Color of Postcard Summonses?
August 3 A Juror Who Knew the Victim + Polling Issue
July 27 Randomly Selecting Alternate Jurors + G. Thomas Munsterman Award
July 20 Assigning Juror Costs to a Party + The United Kingdom Announces a New Online Jury System
July 13 The Remedy Following a Batson Violation + Jury Nullification Issue Raised to Scotus
July 6 Collateral Consequences as a Consideration in the Right to a Jury Trial Calculation + Jury Selection and Implicit Bias
June 22 2017 Verdicts in Arizona + Jury Delivers Sentence in 10 Minutes
June 15 The Perils of Using Voter Registration Lists Alone + Death Sentence Resulting from Homophobia?
June 1 Jury Selection System in Alaska Faces Challenge + Toward a Civil Jury-Trial Default Rule
May 29 Pre-Suit Escalation Clauses + Jury Recruitment in a Bi-Lingual Environment
May 25 Improving Support for Jurors + Release of the Juror’s Names in the Cosby Case
May 18 Pennsylvania’s First Judicial District Juror Participation Initiative and New Video + New Juror Comprehension Report
May 11 Why Many Judges and Lawyers Don’t Trust Social Science Research + Ban Lifted Regarding Juror Contact
May 4 A Transient Juror Issue + Media Access to the Names of the Cosby Jurors
April 27 Webinar: Jury Managers’ Toolbox New Features and Upgrades + New Jersey Courts Release a Juror Appreciation Video
April 20 Mistrial for Juror Safety? + Juror Receives a 7 Month Suspended Sentence
March 30 Jurors with Disabilities + Recommendations of the Iowa Committee on Jury Selection
March 23 When a Researcher Serves on a Jury + More Calls for Jury Selection Reform in Canada
March 16 The Option to Select Online Jury Impaneling + Is Spiritual Guidance an Extraneous Influence?
March 9 2018 OJMA Conference in Columbus, Ohio + Juror Evaluations of Witness Memory and Demeanor
March 2 Show-Me Juror + Searching for Volunteer Jurors + Questions from a Reader
February 23 Juror’s Remorse? + Aspect of Voir Dire Closed to Public + Trusting Technology Too Much
February 16 New Mexico Juror Orientation Video + Continued Calls for More Inclusive Juries in Canada
February 9 Defendant Identifies Evidence of Extraneous Influence on a Juror + Resolution to Extend Batson to LGBT Community
February 2 United States v. Riesbeck + Juror Jailed for Lying + Humorous Story About Jury Service
January 26 Pennsylvania’s Mock Trial Competition + Jury Management Workshop + Blair County Moves to Debit Cards for Juror Pay
January 18 Implied Juror Bias + Unanimous Jury Ballot Measure in Oregon + Managing Non-Citizens Summoned for Jury Service
January 5 Helping Jurors Succeed + Dallas, Texas Public Outreach + Juror Stress Research Paper

2017 Newsletters

December 15 Report from Massachusetts; Public Access to Juror Questionnaires
December 8 Jury Clerk Writes to Dog; Christopher Anthony Floyd v. Alabama; Nearly Busted
December 1 Grand Jurors Petition for a Pay Raise; U.S. Courts Again Issue Warning About Jury Scams
November 17 New Jury Orientation Video; Accidents Happen; Juror Stress/Financial Impact Study
November 3 Protective Order Limiting How Media May Use Juror Information; Obama Summoned for Jury Service
October 20 Nursing Mother Effectively Excluded from Jury Service + Luxury Portable Bathrooms
October 13 Council for Court Excellence Receives 2017 G. Thomas Munsterman Award
October 6 A Comparison of Evidence Based Medicine and the Criminal Justice System
September 29 Houston’s Jury Assembly Room Destroyed + Study to Examine “Not Proven” Verdicts
September 22 The Evil Eye; Juror Orientation Video Request; Corporate Attempts to Influence Jury Panels
September 15 Silence as Evidence of Juror Rehabilitation; Juror Questionnaire in Benghazi Trial
September 1 A Comparative Analysis of Seemingly Race Neutral Use of Peremptory Challenges; Jurors with Disabilities in Canada
August 25 Expert Juror Case; Question: FTA Rates in Large Cities; Juror Pay in Canada
August 18 Another Juror Rehabilitation Case; Voir Dire in the Martin Shkreli Case
August 11 Rehabilitation Case; Juror Questionnaire in the Taylor Swift Case
August 4 Michigan Reflects on Its 2012 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; Supreme Court of State of Washington Strengthens Batson
July 28 State of Iowa v. Kevin Plain, Sr.; ; Jurors’ Predjudices and Confusion
July 14 Did a Juror Lie in Voir Dire?; Making Jury Pools More Inclusive
July 7 Effective Juror Orientation; Corporate Irresponsibility at Its Worst; July is Juror Appreciation Month Statewide in NC
June 30 People v. Spencer; Text Reminders for Jurors; The Jury Sunshine Project
June 23 Understanding the Effects of Unconscious Bias; Be Careful with Electronic Devices
June 16 The Consequences of Juror Sequestration + Technology for Jurors to Review Digital Evidence
June 9 FIJA Volunteer Convicted; Nominations for the 2017 G. Thomas Munsterman Award Are Being Accepted Now
June 2 Tsarnaev Jury Management and Transportation Order; Jury Bill in Illinois; An Excellent Vanishing Trial Article
May 26 Ongoing Battle Regarding Jury Nullification Communication near Denver Courthouse; Jurors Provide Advice
May 19 An Extraordinary Verdict Form; Amusing "Research"; How Much Can the Foreperson Sway a Verdict?
May 12 Federal Courts Using Technology to Improve the Juror Experience; Help: Practical Experience with Juror Sequestration
May 5 US Courts Celebrate Juror Appreciation Week; Brief Survey; Poor Time Estimation Forces Mistrial
April 21 ess Release: New website offers resources for high-profile trials; Explaining Juror Sequestration
April 14 Juror Utilization Article; Permanent Exemptions for People with Qualifying Disabilities
April 7 Informed Delivery; Mutiny During Jury Service; You the Jury
March 31 Juror’s Remorse?; Experts in Deliberations; Big Data for Jury Selection
March 24 Negative Article about Treatment of LEP Jurors in Queens, NY; Juror Texting; Bills to Protect LGBTQ Jurors
March 17 Resolving Juror Confusion; Study Demonstrates Shrinking Pool of Qualified Jurors for Death Penalty Cases
March 10 Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado; TED-ED Original on Juries; Gorsuch’s Plan to Revive Civil Jury Trials
March 3 Canadian Juror Mark Farrant; Virginia Jurors Could Be Compensated with Prepaid Credit Cards
February 24 Jury Tampering Incident in Great Britain; Plain Language Jury Instruction Study
February 10 Media Motion for Juror Information in Cliven Bundy Case; Ohio Jury Services Conference 2017
February 10 MA Changes Gender Identification on Juror Form; Norfolk, VA Follow-Up Program
February 3 Jury Related Opinion by Circuit Judge Neil M. Gorsuch; Last Chance Jury Service Process
January 27 Philadelphia’s Juror Participation Committee; Jury Matters; Indiana’s Proposed Jury Study
January 20 Big Week for Jury Scam News; Jefferson County TX will use I-Jury; Anonymous Jury for the Second Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation Trial
January 13 Article on Juror Questions + Scottish Juror Jailed over a Joke + Jury System Management in the 21st Century
January 6 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Doss; Jury Consultants Need Not Apply; Virtual Reality for Jurors

2016 Newsletters

December 16 In re Grievance of John Lepore; Use of Initials to Sign Verdicts
December 9 State Supreme Court Justice as Jury Foreman; Redacted Juror Questionnaires Released in Tensing Murder Trial
November 18 Trump Challenges the Jury Selection Process; Midland County, TX Improves Juror Response Rates
November 11 Gwinnett County Juror Texting System; Juror in High Profile Case Explains Verdict; Video Monitors in the Jury Box
November 4 Montana v. Items of Real Property; Posters Still Available; Limiting Order Regarding Juror Contact
October 28 Jury Trial “Innovations” In The Eastern Caribbean; Race and Gender in Personal Injury Awards; Trial by Jury in South Africa
October 21 Can a Juror be a “Victim” as a Result of Service?; Impact of Juror Pay on Yield/Diversity
October 14 Juror Counseling in Ontario, Canada; Patent Cases; Ford County, Illinois Reduces Juror Pay
October 7 Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado; Australian Deaf Prospective Juror Loses Challenge to Exclusion from Service
September 30 2016 G. Thomas Munsterman Award winner; Things don't change much
September 16 Jury Trivia from the Queensland, Australia Courts; Midland County, TX Using New Summoning Process; Trends Publication
September 9 Dershowitz on Jury Service; Race Matters; "Strong Feelings" about Firearms
July 29 "You, the Juror"; Cosmetologist Required; Post-Verdict Conversation with Jurors
July 8 ABA Resolution; Detecting Lies in Veiled Witnesses; Failing at Jury Service?
July 1 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; Public Outreach in Massachusetts; Internet Hoax
June 24 The Eligibility of Deaf Jurors in Australia; Pennsylvania Juror Faints During a Sexual Assault Trial
June 17 Dekalb County, GA Juror Orientation Video; Tulsa County, OK Halts Jury Trials
June 3 Debit Card Problem for Juror Payments; Why the Racial Composition of Juries Matters
May 27 Foster v. Chatman; Decision Trees; Juror Removes Instruction from Deliberations Room
May 20 Test Jury; Juror Pay Donation Proposal; Odd Letters
May 13 Destruction of Juror Questionnaires; Debit Card for Jurors Payments
May 6 Bowman v. Nevada; The Quiz; Parking Scandal
March 11 CourtHack; Ohio Jury Conference; Tarango v. Nevada
March 4 U.S. Marshals Warn Public of Jury Duty Phone Scams; Batson Remedy case
February 26 Bill to Remove Jury Exemption for U.S. Congress Members; Juror Statements at Sentencing
February 19 Partially Sighted British Juror Removed from Jury; Apply the Framework of a Jury Trial to a Dinner Decision
February 5 Commonwealth v. Penn; Massachusetts Eyewitness ID Instruction
January 29 Social Media Jury Instructions Report; NJ’s Eyewitness Identification Jury Instructions
January 22 Busted: Indictments in Massive Jury Service Scam Issued; Former Juror May Be Charged with Perjury
January 15 Judith S. Kaye Remembrance; People v. Fernandez; Juror Stress Article
January 8 Grayson County Goes High Tech; A Fresh Look at Jurors Questioning Witnesses

2015 Newsletters

December 18 Removing a Holdout Juror During Deliberations; Failure to Instruct a Reconstituted Jury to Begin Deliberations Anew
December 11 CCE Releases Jury Service Revisited: Upgrades for the 21st Century; Change of Venue Case Challenges Standard Practice
November 20 Limitation on Voir Dire Upheld; Letter to the Editor: Jury Service Scam; Pandering to the Jury
November 13 The Equality Act; Judge France Gull Presented with the 2015 Munsterman Award
November 6 Foster v. Chatman; Arguing the Case During Voir Dire; Juror Fined $1000
October 30 Porter v. State; Juror Released from Service Following Arrest; Foster v. Chatman
October 23 Whistleblower Instructions; Verification of Juror Identities
October 16 Judge Frances Gull Named 2015 Munsterman Award Winner; Law Review Article Compares Criminal Trial Systems
October 9 The American Jury after a Half-Century
October 2 Facebook's "Friend" Status Issue; Podcast: The Downside of Civil Juries; It is a Bad Day for a Defendant When
September 25 Another Court Moves to Postcard Summonses; Inconsistent Jury Verdicts
September 18 Curriculum for High School Presentations; Virginia AG Considering the Legality of Juror Pay via Bank Card
September 11 Upheld: Policy of Not Accepting Day of Trial Plea Agreements; New Jersey v. Rashon Brown and Malik Q. Smith
August 28 Semi Anonymous Jury Authorized; Preliminary Injunction Ordered in Fully Informed Jury Association Case; South Carolina Juror Sentenced
August 21 Full Informed Jury Association Sues; Unclaimed Checks; Jury Poll Uncovers Juror Dissent
August 14 Op-Ed Piece on Batson Challenges; Waiving the Protections Afforded by Jury Trials
August 7 Judges Serving on Juries; Juror Blames Judge for Mistrial; Juror Rehabilitation Case
July 31 Jury Management Group; U.S. v. Pickering; Law Review Volume Dedicated to Jury Issues
July 24 Can Jurors Use Their Sense of Touch?; Newsweek Gets Barred from James Holmes Trial
July 10 Maryland Judiciary Warns of New Jury Duty Scam; New Rules in PA Regarding Jurors' Use of Electronic Devices
June 26 The Internet and the American Jury System; Multi Lingual Jurors
June 19 North Carolina Juror Goes to Jail; Juror Fined $4,000; State v. Amick
June 12 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; A Hobson's Choice?; Flirtatious Juror
June 5 Eban Stillwell v. State of Texas; Juror Utilization Improves In Federal District Courts
May 29 Foster v. Humphrey; Alaska Expands Online Juror Questionnaire Program; Holdout Juror Explains His Reasoning
May 15 Jury Scam Toolkit and Poster; FTA Rates in CA; From Juror to Witness in a Single Trial
May 8 Jury Bias, Source Lists and Diversity; High-Lows Agreements; Prospective Juror Arrested
May 1 Deaf Jurors Serve; Discrimination against Indigent Jurors; Premeptory Challenges Based on Sexual Orientation
April 17 Illinois Governor Wants to Repeal Juror Pay Increase; Online Juror Questionnaires in Alaska; National Standard for Jury Service
April 10 A Jury Taint Opinion; A Special Circumstance When Jury Sentencing or A Special Jury Finding May Be Constitutionally Required
April 3 Battle over Juror Pay Donations Ends; Is the Federal Summary Judgment Standard too Liberal?; Juror Issues in the Aurora Theater Shooting Trial
March 27 "No Justice without You"; Detroit's Last Chance Program; Written Promises/Affidavit from Jurors
March 20 Bibb County (GA) Announces New Juror Policy; Texas Probable Cause Jury Legislation; Ohio Jury Management Association Conference
March 13 Demographic Fairness in Capital Cases; Juror Lunches During Deliberations
March 6 The Court’s Obligation When a Juror is AWOL during Deliberations; Never Done with Public Service…
February 27 Hardship Excusals Impact Kansas Trial; State of Connecticut v. Jeffery Gould; Illinois Change in Civil Jury Size
February 20 Openly Gay Juror Refuses to Perform Jury Service; Article Highlights Voir Dire of One Prospective Juror for the James Holmes Trial
February 13 Utah House Bill 154; The Hot Box Method of Jury Selection; Grand Juror Doe v. Robert P. McCulloch
February 6 People v. Wesley Jones; Maine Bill to Increase Juror Compensation; Juror Visits Horse
January 30 Mississippi House Bill 1234; Looking for a Few Volunteers; Media Access to Juror Names and Addresses Following a Verdict
January 16 Managing Juror Requests to Be Excused for Hardship: An Interactive Exercise; New Jersey Bench Book on Jury Selection
January 2 New Jersey: Post Verdict Communications between Trial Judges and Jurors; Emotion in Death Penalty Sentencing

2014 Newsletters

December 19 Amended Standardized Jury Instructions in Florida Concerning the Use of Electronic Devices by Jurors; Blog Posting Regarding the Value of Trial Consultants in Jury Selection
December 12 Fair and Effective Jury Practices in Jury System Management; Warger v. Shauers; Illinois Juror Pay Bill Sent to Governor For Signature
December 5 Modern Grand Juries: Still a Sword and a Shield; The Jury System in Cabell County, WV is Struggling
November 21 Bills to Eliminate Key Man Grand Jury System in Texas; Tulsa County (OK) Jurors Evacuated
November 14 Use of Juror Questionnaire When Anonymous Jury Empanelled; Juror Reactions to Third Party Litigation Financing
November 7 Jury Duty in America Today; Juror Notices Defendant is a Candidate for Prosecutor
October 24 2014 Jury Symposium; Is the Right to Trial by Jury Adequately Protected for Civil Cases?
October 17 Juror Arrested; Juror Heckled While Sequestered; Another Internet Entanglement
October 10 Spanish Language Version of Poster; Florida Supreme Court Contemplates Juror Contempt Issue
October 3 Challenge to Juror Dismissals based on in Chambers Review of Questionnaires; Ruben Rivera-Moreno v. Government of the Virgin Islands
September 19 Texas’ Key Man Grand Jury System Examined; Juror Pay Donation List Questioned
September 12 An Interesting Judicial Response to Jury Texting; Prospective Grand Juror in DC Sues Claiming ADA Violation
September 5 Colorado Supreme Court Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee publishes updated edition; Juror Case Payment Kiosk Presentation
August 29 Eyewitness Testimony; Agenda for Jury Symposium; Lawyer Gone Wild
August 22 Poster: Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media; MA Supreme Judicial Court Announces Committee to Examine Juror Voir Dire
August 15 “The Belvin Perry Surprise Package”; Marion County Courts to Implement IVR System; Nevada’s Chief Justice Mark Gibbons Services
August 8 Documentary Chronicles a Notorious Trial; Jurors and Social Media Video; Comparative Jury Practices Article
August 1 Poster: Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media; Test Jury
July 25 2014 National Symposium on the American Jury Project: Assuring Fair and Impartial Juries
July 18 Citizen Presentments to Grand Juries; Munsterman Nominations Under Way
July 11 Trends in State Courts 2014; Juror Employment Termination Civil Action; Attorney Generals from Five Nations Meet
June 27 A baker's dozen doesn't require reversal; Dallas judges seek funding to handle Scofflaw jurors; Jury System comments by CJ Rabner
June 20 Proposed National Standard for Jury Management System Requirements; Dissuading Jurors from Inappropriate Use of the Internet/Social Media
June 13 Nominations Open for Munsterman Award; Waiver Requirements for a Felony Bench Trial
June 6 Top 10 Verdicts in Arizona in 2013; Evaluation of the Japanese Jury System; Florida Juror Scheduled for Contempt Hearing
May 30 Jury Costs in Two Wisconsin Counties; Update: State of the States Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts; The Jury As Constitutional Identity
May 23 Update: State of the States Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts; Juror Pay Fiscal Problem in New Mexico; Public Outreach on Jurors and Social Media
May 9 United States v. Juan Agudin Salazar; Harris County (TX) Grand Jurors Exposed to Shooting Simulator; Student Written Jurors and Social Media Paper
May 2 Tell Us about Your Most Recent Jury Trial; Morris Publishing Group v. State of Florida; Judicial Education Opportunity
April 25 Louisiana’s Non-Unanimous Criminal Verdicts; Ex parte Larry Dunaway; Kirpans and Jury Service
April 18 Attorney Jailed for Comments Relating to Jury Service; Paula Hannaford-Agor Recieves 2014 OJMA Award; Alternate Jurors Participating in Deliberations
April 4 Defendant Cures Reversible Error in Voir Dire; Alternate Jurors Participating in Deliberations; Contract and Business Jury Instructions in Florida
March 28 Alaska's House Bill 315; Impeachment by Prior Conviction; Illinois: Juror Questions in Criminal Trials
March 25 Is the Standard Reasonable Doubt Instruction Still Sufficient?; Alabama Juror Age Exemption Bill
March 14 Privacy of Juror Questionnaires; Jury Service Scam Request; UK Juror Orientation Video
March 7 Survey of 583 Actual Jurors on Social Media; Memories of Voir Dire; Warger v. Shauers
February 28 Obituary: Ted Eisenberg; “We the People: A Call to Duty”; OJMA Conference
February 21 U.S. v. Marco Pineda; 2014 National Symposium on the American Jury Project; Michigan's New Jury Service Deferment
February 14 Two Year Penalty for Google Misconduct; Jury Service Scams; Caught Spying on Jurors
February 7 Gilbert Carino v. State of Florida; A Diligent Juror; Two New Jury Resources from Reynolds Courts and Media Law Journal
January 31 Trapasso v. Romero; Pennsylvania Change in the Use of Alternates; The Generous Juror Program
January 24 California State Senate Bill Would Reduce Peremptory Challenges in Misdemeanor Cases; More Inappropriate Internet Research
January 10 Judicial Education Opportunity for State Trial Judges on Preventing and Addressing Internet-related Juror Misconduct
January 3 Stouffer v. Trammel, Warden; Arizona Lengthy Trial Fund May Disappear

2013 Newsletters

December 20 Juror Reports Crime Following Jury Service; Juror Counseling Programs
December 16 British Law Commission Recommendations Regarding Misbehaving Jurors; NJ Juror Mobile Application for Apple Devices
December 6 Jurors Will Not be Required to Divulge Social Media Handles; Monroe County, NY Scofflaw Juror Crackdown
November 22 Jury Stalker Leads to Verdict being Set Aside; Neutralizing Negative Pretrial Publicity
November 15 Jury Trial in Civil Cases: A Study in Judicial Administration (1934); Gray v. U.S.
November 8 Stenier v. The Superior Court of Santa Barbara County; New Implicit Bias Article; Inflammatory Photo?
November 1 Former District Clerk Ray Hardy Died Over the Weekend (Innovator of One Day, One Trial); Hager and Davis v. U.S
October 25 Snyder County, PA Suspends Jury Trials; Juror Questions Held to Be Error; Missed Jury Service?
October 18 Impaneled and Ineffective; Juror Gives Defendant the Finger
October 11 Non-Citizen Jurors in California; Stupid Juror Questions?
October 4 Grand Juror Gets Busted; Jury Improvements in Wayne County, Michigan; When Jury Deliberations Break Down
September 27 Jury Sequestration Decision Impacted by Judicial Budget; A Jury of Whose Peers?; Appellate Review of Internet based Jury Misconduct
September 13 Examining the CSI Effect and the Influence of Forensic Crime Television on Future Jurors; GOTJ: Get Out the Juror
September 6 Opportunity for Judges to Obtain CLE Credit through (free) On-line Lecture; Another Look at the CSI Effect
August 30 Jury Management System Requirements Report; Oregon Expedited Civil Jury Trial Change; Costs Associated with Juror Texting program in New Jersey
August 23 U.K. Age Limit for Jury Service Raised to 75; NJ Jurors Can Opt to Have Text and Email Alerts
August 16 State of New Mexico v. Michael Anthony Samora; National Jury Summit; N.D. of Illinois Changes Jury Selection Practice
August 9 Prosecution Argues Juror Conduct Hearing Should be Public; State of Washington v. Saintcalle; Jurors in the James Holmes Trial Can Ask Questions
August 2 Juror Appreciation Celebration in Mecklenburg County, NC; Can Jurors be Excluded based on Sexual Orientation?
July 26 Jury Orientation Videos and Self Represented Litigants; Juror May be Called as a Witness; Too Drunk to be a Juror
July 19 Lots on the Zimmerman Trial; CCE Jury Panel: Changing Perceptions About Jury Service; Jury Summoning Error in Scotland
July 12 G. Thomas Munsterman Receives The National Judicial College’s Advancement of Justice Award; Letters to Petit and Grand Jurors
June 21 Alleyne v. United States; Canadian Court Overturns Conviction Based on Jury Pool Issue; Flaw in Fair Cross Section Jurisprudence Identified
June 14 North Carolina Senate Bill 528; Top 10 Verdicts in Arizona in 2012; Neuroimages and Jury Determinations
May 31 Request for Assistance on NCSC Study; Improving Diversity on Juries; Juror FTA's in Canada
May 17 The Joy of Jury Duty; Juror Sues Japanese Government; Internet Usage for Voir Dire
May 10 Former Juror Defends Contempt Charge; The Inability of Jurors to Self-Diagnose Bias; The Joy of Jury Duty
May 3 Ireland Considers Allowing Non-Citizens to Serve on Juries; Juror Falls for Defendant; PA State Association of Jury Commissioners Lashes Out at Legislature
April 26 Jurors and Camera Phones; Bill Would Allow Non-Citizens on California Juries; Oregon Juror Goes to Jail
April 12 Ohio Jury Management Conference Wrap-up; A Mixed Intent Peremptory Challenge Case; Lee County Clerk (FL) Adds New Feature
April 5 NC Bill Would Allow AOC Access to D.O.B. Information; Newspaper Columnist: Juror Questions; Jury Management Class in Phoenix, AZ
March 29 Jury Service: The Verdict An Exploratory Study of Public Attitude to Jury Service; Federal Jury Panels in Chicago
March 22 Okaloosa County (FL) Goes Paperless with Juror Questionnaires; Jury Exclusion on the Basis of Criminal Convictions; Funding or Partners for Jury Service PSAs
March 15 Midland County (TX) Will Try I-Jury Program; All White Jury Pools in Cook County, IL; Allen County (IN) Launches mjuror Program
March 8 The Link between Jury Service and Attitudes about the Legal System; Smartphones in the Courtroom; The Changing Composition of the American Jury
February 15 Radio Broadcast: Why Jury Duty Matters; Estimating the Cost of Civil Litigation; Course Announcement
February 8 When Felony is the Foreman; Estimating the Cost of Civil Litigation; Is Expert Evidence Really Different?
February 1 Old Fashioned Jury Misconduct; Jury Panel Error Found in York County, SC; The Juror, The Citizen, and the Human Being
January 25 Alexis de Tocqueville and Tweeting Jurors; DC Court of Appeals Addresses Jury Polling Issue; Jury Education DC
January 18 Alleyne v. United States; New Jersey Pilots "Summons Only" Mailing to Increase On-Line Juror Response Rates; Five Times a Juror
January 4 We the People: The Honor of Jury Service; New Book on Jury Duty; Maricopa Superior Court Commended for Improving Jury Experience

2012 Newsletters

December 14 Jury Service Game; Public Access to List of Disqualified Jurors; Jefferson County (KY) DUI Conviction Rates
December 7 New Expedited Actions Rule in Texas; Utha's Expedited Jury Trial Rule; NCSC Commends Georgia Judge Ben Studdard for enactment of Jury Reform Act of 2011
November 30 British Law Commission Report Considers Use of Internet by Jurors; Michael Phelps Reports for Jury Duty; Guilty as Tweeted
November 16 FTA Problem in Hendry County, FL; United States v. Gupta; Jury Duty is a Poll Tax?
November 9 Texas Journal Dedicated to Social Media Issues; Chester County (PA) Commissioners Cut Jury Commissioners Office; Emperical Analysis of Juries in Tort Cases
November 2 Jurors Struggle with Wrongful Conviction; Juror May be Charged with a Felony; New Jersey Bill to Reduce Exemption Age for Jurors
October 19 Juror Tossed Out of Courthouse; Barbett v. United States; Jury Service in Trinidad and Tobago
October 12 Cambria County (PA) will Improve Jury System; Juror and Jury Use of New Media: A Baseline Exploration; Center for Jury Studies Praises Travis County's I-Jury System
September 28 Jury Duty a Once a Decade Obligation for Some New York Counties; Sluss v. Commonwealth of Kentucky; Jury Nullification of Marijuana Culivation Charge
September 14 ABA President Laurel Bellows Discusses Civil Jury Trials; Seventh Report of the Champaign County Courtwatching Project; The Political Puzzle of the Civil Jury
September 7 Judge Cuts Deal with Jury; Center for Jury Studies Praises Travis County's I-Jury System; Somebody Poisoned the Jury Pool: Social Meida's Effect on Jury Impartiality
August 31 Costs of Jury Assessed on Litigants; Upcoming Events
August 24 New Federal Social Media Jury Instructions; Juror Takes a Vacation; WV Jury Duty Scam
August 17 Call for Article Submissions; Nonsystematic Factors Resulting in Underrepresentation; Riverside County Superior Court (CA) Improves Jury Service
August 10 Jury Selection in a High Profile Detriot Case; Jury Managers' Toolbox; Law & Order
August 3 Upcoming events
July 27 Offsite Juror Check-In; State v. Gunnell; Using Actors in Jury Trials
July 20 Ohio Jury Survey; Iowa Law Review Focuses on Baston v. Kentucky; Garcia v. Strong Trucking
July 13 AWOL Juror Gets Sentenced; The Jury as a Political Institution in an Age of Counterterrorism; Jury Nullifications in an Assault Case
July 6 Jury Duty Prank Line; Jury Scam in Monroe County, GA; Juror's Remorse
June 29 Georgia's New Jury System Starts July 1st; Jury Homework; The Trials and Tribulations of Counting 'Trials'; New Hampshire House Bill 146
June 22 DC's Mayor Gray on Jury Duty; Juror Questions Elicits 404(b) Evidence; The Vanishing Jury Trial (1928)
June 15 Nominate an Outstanding Jury Program for Munsterman Award; New Website for the Center for Jury Studies; Top Ten Verdicts in Arizona in 2011
June 8 Nominate an Outstanding Jury Program for Munsterman Award; Juror Number One v. The Superior Court of Sacremento; Seeking Volunteers
June 1 Seeking Volunteers; Nominate an Outstanding Jury Program for Munsterman Award; Short, Summary and Expedited: The Evolution of Civil Jury Trials
May 25 New Social Media Jury Instructions in Florida; British Juror Caught Smoking Marijuana; Sequestered Jurors Save Child
May 18 U.S. Demographic Database at Risk; Commonwealth v. Clare Werner; Mothers Group to Protest Jury Service
May 4 Juror Amnesty Month in Fulton Couty, GA; Aboriginal People Excluded for Ontario Juries; Jurors Cause Traffic Jam
April 27 First Application of NC's Racial Justice Act; Study Exposes Connection between Racial Composition of Jury and Conviction Rates; Conviction Reversed Based on Juror Use of Wikipedia
April 13 Picture of a Juror Leads to a Mistrial; First Offense DUI Jury Trials in Arizona; Illinois Jurors May Be Permitted to Ask Questions
April 6 Jail for Absent UK Juror; Puppets Court; Jury Misconduct Leads to New Trial Convicted Murderer