In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, I am pleased to share stories from our projects around the world, and to highlight the important work that we are undertaking with courts in Bangladesh and Kosovo to reduce case backlogs and improve the Timely Delivery of Justice in these countries.

Jeffrey Apperson
Vice President,
International Programs Division
National Center for State Courts

Overcoming Case Backlogs

Bangladesh: Supreme Court Improves Caseflow Management
NCSC and the Supreme Court of Bangladesh
organize feedback workshops with judges to draft a Judicial Case Management Policy. Read more...

Kosovo: Assisting Basic Courts to Reduce Delays
NCSC assists Basic Courts to develop Case Management Improvement Plans. Read more...

NCSC Around the World

Morocco: Justice Sector Officials Study Judicial Governance in U.S.
NCSC hosts a study tour for a delegation from the Ministry of Justice and Liberties and the new Supreme Judicial Council of Morocco. Read more…

Tunisia: Model Courts Encourage IT Innovation
NCSC convenes working group meetings with IT Technicians from seven Model Courts to troubleshoot challenges in the effective use of IT solutions. Read more…

Kosovo: NCSC Launches Three Live Legal Clinics
NCSC supports live legal clinics to provide law students with opportunities for experiential learning. Read more…

Costa Rica: Combating Human Trafficking
NCSC hosts workshops on combating the smuggling of migrants and human trafficking. Read more…

Nicaragua: Strengthening the Rule of Law
NCSC trains law students and entrepreneurs on new Civil Procedure and Family Law Codes. Read more…

Suriname: Combating Money Laundering
NCSC provides judges with tools to adjudicate anti-money laundering cases. Read more…

Trinidad and Tobago: Legal Aid Attorneys and Prosecutors Trained on Trial Advocacy
NCSC conducts trial advocacy training for legal aid attorneys and prosecutors. Read more…

International Visitors Education Program

Philippines: Judicial Education in U.S. State Courts
NCSC hosts study program for delegation from the Philippine Judicial Academy. Read more…

Eastern Caribbean: Enhancing Courtrooms through Technology
NCSC organizes program on court technology enhancements for delegates from the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. Read more…


Morocco: Building Management Capacity at the Ministry of Justice and Liberties
NCSC awarded cooperative agreement to assist the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and Liberties in building staff management and leadership capacity. Read more…

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