FORWARD TO A FRIEND   January 2017



In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, I am pleased to share highlights from our projects around the world, and the work we are undertaking with our partners to make legal services more accessible and intelligible to members of the community.

Jeffrey Apperson
Vice President,
International Programs Division
National Center for State Courts

Anti-Corruption Initiatives

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Anti-Corruption Conference Tackles Challenges to Judicial Integrity
Judicial actors from Bosnia and Herzegovina are brought together to combat corruption in the judiciary.

Panama: NCSC Recognized at International Anti-Corruption Conference
NCSC participates in a contest to design a new indicator tracking anti-corruption efforts

Kosovo: Demand for Justice Campaigns against Corruption
NCSC and civil society partners organize a campaign to bring attention to public accountability. 

NCSC Around the World

Morocco: NCSC Facilitates U.S.-Moroccan Dialogue on Judicial Governance
NCSC presents findings and recommendations from justice reform feasibility study.

Tunisia: Model Court Clerks Trained on Records Management and Communication
NCSC conducts training for model court clerks in Sousse, Tozeur, and Kef. 

The Bahamas: NCSC Supports Legal Aid and Access to Justice
NCSC assists its Bahamian partners in establishing a new Public Defender’s Office. 

Dominican Republic: Officials Trained on Anti-Money Laundering Procedures
NCSC organizes training to improve the prosecution and conviction rates in money laundering cases. 

Eastern Caribbean: NCSC Assesses Asset Forfeiture and Management Frameworks
Ongoing efforts to counter financial crime and organized crime in the Caribbean include an assessment with key local financial crime partners. 

Kosovo: NCSC Experts Conduct Field Study to Improve Court Productivity
A new study is designed to refine the model for judicial staffing needs. 

Las Vegas, Nevada:  2016 E-Courts Conference Participants Propose Innovations to Court Scheduling
New methods of dealing with caseload management and court performance are discussed. 

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